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Official Note:
Seven: Enhanced Edition is an open-world, isometric stealth and action role-playing game, in which you play as Teriel, a master thief sent on a mission that will shake the foundations of the Vetrall Empire. Free roam across the vibrant prison island of Peh and explore the sea depths on board of an enormous submarine. 

In the Drowned Past expansion, the player will run into ‘the Enclave’, a ragtag group of mysterious vagabonds who have discovered the mythological sunken vessel and are exploring it in the hopes of unearthing riches. But things that are buried are buried for a good reason, as Teriel and the Enclave will discover. 

Seven: Enhanced Edition will also include an array of new opponents, weapons, outfits, crafting schematics and skill.

Seven: Enhanced Edition includes a lot of gameplay improvements as well as the DLC named Drowned Past, which brings new storyline including quests, locations, characters, enemies and skill, resulting in the addition of over 7 hours of gameplay to the base game. 

The start-story is quite reminiscent (in parts) of the Terminator® with war and destruction, an apocalypse of sorts, leaving super-bad emotions amongst humankind and the attitude of survival of the fittest, quickest, most adept, most desperate. Apart from the aforementioned film universe it is a mixture of game genres including action, detection, sandbox, science-fiction, 

Teriel (your character) is a thief by nature and career and he is darned good at it. He can move stealthily and strike with deadly swiftness. However this is not a one hit kill game, thankfully for when Tiriel gets into an affray with numerous adversaries, but not so good when he is hiding in bushes and firing his crossbow at a lone target. There are no 'head' shots, you just aim and fire at the target, so they get annoyed and come chasing after you. eiriel is adept with the crossbow so he can fire off rapid shots, each one knocking his victim back out of sword range if you are quick and accurate, thus preventing Teriel getting hurt.

Drugon, a powerful and respected technomancer, does all he can to bring forth a safe and liveable environment, but mankind is rotten and stuck in its ways, with thieving, murdering and all manner of dastardly doings a daily diet. Drugon is also a god-like figure in search of a legendary spacecraft and he has manipulated Teriel (as well as non-physically shackled him to a guardian) into searching for this alien ship.


In the course of Teriel's searching he finds himself imprisoned in an Island based Prison, taking on side-missions, switching clothes with defeated enemies to allow him to get past guards wearing similar uniforms who have a regular patrol route, or go unnoticed in a crowd.

Running, climbing, jumping all these actions will come naturally to players used to Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider style games though there is a (fairly) new action you can take if you get into a combat where you are outnumbered and need to run away, you can drop traps behind you (have to admit I haven't had a great deal of success with this but it is at least another option).


As mentioned previously there are several genre of games and game styles to be found within SEVEN. Strategy gamers will thoroughly enjoy the planning aspects and hopefully also appreciate the results of their efforts, total combat fans will like the one to one battles but probably not the you versus the masses ones, it isn't really a game that will become renown for its combat artistry.

There is also an amount of die (or nearly die) to learn what can/cannot be done. This is a great game to remember the old adage that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result etc ......


Graphically it is visually appealing and is what I believe is called 'isometric' which means it is 2D/3D where a lot of objects stand out from the background allowing them to be manipulated in some manner. 

Detection and exploration are two other fairly major genres located in this wonderfully constructed mash-up of creatures and criminals. Magic and Swordsmanship, Pickpocketing and Lock-Picking, Throat-Cutting and Fisticuffs, Stealth etc all have a part to play.

Teriel gets stronger and better through experience but not in a D&D® way, instead he learns either new skills or enhances the skills he already has  through his actions and progression. Science-Fantasy is the usual way to describe or label a game of this ilk but it isn't quite enough for SEVEN. The fore-runners to the humans on Earth (at least the fore-runners with intelligence and know-how) all left for outer-space, and those remaining that Teriel encounters in and around the Capital City of Hellard, are generally only out for themselves or forced to work for someone who 'wants to rule the world' or at least their little bit of it.



Blue Mink (a pop band of the 60s) once sang about putting all the people of the world into a 'Melting Pot' where they would all mix together and come out the same. The humans of SEVEN may well have come out of such a mixing-pot but instead of appearing all loving and understanding of each other, the megolomaniac mad-mix seems to have overrun the niceties.  This is a fun and frustrating game, sometimes exciting, sometimes frivolous, often aggravating and irritating, but always addictive; and every next step is like entering a new day, never knowing what or who you are going to discover next.

Controlled by Mouse and Keyboard it works freely and fluently. There is a minor hiccup where the Options say to use the Arrow buttons for movement but Teriel only puts one foot forward to the usual WASD keys. One of these with [Shift] and Teriel will run, [Spacebar] will cause him to jump, double tap and the jump is higher. The 'E' Key is the general Action key (talking, using etc) and the LMB and RMB are for firing and aiming mainly.

I haven't finished Seven Days Long Gone yet, it is a lengthy game with many a winding turn, but it keeps me expecting the unexpected and my invariably being right (sometimes). I would happily say to you, dear reader, to 'give it a go' but I would add to this a caution that you should be ready for a good number of long hours of mental stimulation. Yeah! Go For It! and be darned !!!



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