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For players who like a little bit of background, this comic-book based Steam PC entertainment is a redeveloped version of the game that's been around in may forms for 14-15 years, with design, development and creation by and for several different companies, such as JoWood Productions, Telltale Games (responsible for the excellent Batman series) etc; this edition is from Skunkape Games in 2020.


The earlier versions were followed by two other games "Beyond Time & Space" and "The Devil's Playhouse" so it is quite possible, even though I have heard nothing yet, that these may be revised in the future; I guess the success (or not) of "Save the World" will have a lot of sway in the matter.

Sam is a very large dog that walks upright and wears 1940's 'Private Eye' human style clothes, while Max is a weird-looking angry-but-cuddly half-pint Rabbit of sorts. They are credited as being created by Steve Purcell very early in his career and were the cause of his being brought into LucasArts as an animator etc. Allegedly Dave Purcell - Steve's younger brother, was the originator of the characters, with Steve finishing discarded drawings etc and making them into finished tales. 

This Steam PC version is a point and click style game that costs around £16.00, give or take pennies.


So who is at the SAM & MAX have to SAVE the WORLD from? 

Obviously, as this is a detective adventure I am not going to say who/what it is that is behind this dastardly plot. To solve it you will need to think laterally, out of the Box, as well as straightforward and in the Box. 

Sam is the Detective and his skills are required for the Police work. His partner, in the diagonally opposite camp, is Max (because of his demeanour it is hard not to think of him as 'Mad Max'), is the character who will do the crazy and possibly probably illegal stuff. Several other colourful characters pop in and out of the adventure with nibbles of information and help.

Being a P&C game you have an inventory that you add to by clicking on objects and items. These are then used in various simple, sensible, weird and unusual ways to solve puzzles, some of which are good fun and some which are frustrating. As with nearly all puzzle solving games you need to get onto the same page/mindset as the puzzle-maker as quickly as you can for faster success.


Animated point and click puzzle solving adventures are not new and are often similar enough that they blur together in your memories. To be memorable, to stand out from the rest, there has to be something remarkable about a game, beit the excessive violence, the puzzle/s that keep everyone talking, even the ridiculousness of the situations or how poor/bad it is. In this game it is most definitely the characters, especially Max, whose brilliant eccentricity makes (almost) every scene with him special.

Maybe not the greatest P&C game you will ever play but it is definitely one that should keep you with an (almost) constant grin. You need not have previous knowledge of these two pals but as long as you have watched at least one buddy movie you should enjoy the rapport between them, and the comedy value of their involvement along the way. Fine and Funny.

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