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If you look at the screenshots I have taken of this game you will get a good idea of how exciting it is.

Bikes roar around the arena, swooping low into the depths only to rise up into the air like graceful (but noisy) antelopes springing away from predators, before hitting the ground hard and having to skid around the sharp muddy corners with their riders slipping from side to side on their small, hard seats, in an attempt to keep their balance whilst holding the bikes on course.


You have customising choices to make, Male/Female, basic looks and company to ride for, but in general the game is about winning races, gaining prize money, and boosting your equipment to be the best it possibly can.

The arenas are magnificent, just like seeing them on Television, and when the bikes start to rev up it's almost like being there - Note: if you smell smoke or two-stroke fuel then you have a problem at home, there isn't smell-o-vision in the game.


So it looks great, it sounds great, but for me this is a game that needs a bigger screen that the regular home computer screen and most definitely requires a hand-held controller. Trying to control it using the keyboard is a nightmare; at least it is for me as I truly am not dextrous enough to quickly react on the keys. You can customise the keyboard to suit yourself - I found it slightly easier to use the Arrow Keys for the [default] WASD but compared to the computer controlled opposition, my cornering and control after high leaps is pathetic.


Thus there's not a great deal more I can say about MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS. It is a cracking racing game. The bikes look splendid, but moreso they behave like motorcross bikes as the player (and opponents) visibly struggle to keep them upright, on course and moving over the bumps and dips in a truly realistic manner.

If you crash or go off the course for more than 5 seconds then you restart at zero speed in the middle of the nearest track and looking like a faded (ghost-like) version of yourself. As you begin to ride and gain traction on the course your body regenerates to corporeal form. Depending how you are riding, your onscreen character adjusts themselves in their seat, pusing forwards, leaning sideways etc.


The best thing I can say about this fantastic game is that it is extremely realistic, though thankfully when you fall off your bike it isn't for real and your avatar rider returns to the race unscathed.

The worst thing I can say is that using keys, WASD or ARROW, the overcompensation of control from slide or stumble to straight and racing forward is knife-edge sharp and extremely sensitive, and this is only at the beginner's level.


Now sit back, scroll down slowly, and enjoy the thrills and spills of this brilliant motorcross racing simulation as seen through the 'eyes' of my [PrtScr] button.








Congratulations. I passed through the tutorial. LOL! I spent more time off the bike than on it. I crashed out of the circuit at least twice every time round, and I was lapped at least twice.

I did, however, learn that W (Up Arrow) as accelerator shouldn't be pressed down fully all the time, and that hitting the S (Down Arrow) brings you to a complete stop from which you have to manoeuvre your bike back into position so that you can continue the race.

I also realised that although I am pretty poor at controlling the bike via the keyboard the game was/is still a fun boost of pure adrenaline.


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