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This is a truly ADULT point and click adventure with movement made via WASD or the Arrow Keys. It begins with you (your character, Amanda Moon) in some kind of brick-walled room with little more than a locked door. There is very little (as in nothing) in the dungeon to suggest exactly where you might be. Your first objective, which comes up nicely on the screen is, as if you hadn't already guessed, to escape from the room. Remarkably simple to do and you are soon out into ..... a larger locked area, possibly a cellar or basement; so the Great Escape wasn't as 'great' as you had hoped. It's now time to explore your surroundings and make your way to safety. By this point of play you may be wondering why I gave this an Adult rating, but hold on a few moments and you will find out.


Meandering around the passages and empty rooms if you have traversed the area correctly you should now be at the door to a room which has a reddish glow. One step into this room and you can guess what its purpose was - some of you may recognise pieces of equipment found here, others may need to ask someone about them - whatever you do, don't ask your Mother. There are some extremely suggestive ornaments, a couple of interesting machines, and a book titled 'Y ADDITH' (which is probably YADDITH, a Lovecraftian Cthulhu style horror book by Ann K. Schwader). You study the room and receive a vision of a naked woman, first sitting on the bed and then lying on it in an homage to the Roses scene from the film 'American Beauty'.   You approach an ornament on a shelf, pick it up and examine it - you can turn things that you pick up around and up and over - and as you replace it on the shelf you are attacked as you begin to turn around. The screen goes blank.

We now move on to ONE YEAR LATER


You are now in the rôle of Amanda's husband, Jonathan. You live in a modern apartment which has a messy-but-lived-in look except for the bathroom which is remarkably tidy. For a reason that I don't currently understand (except to think I may be a ghost or a vampire) I show no reflection in either of the mirrors I pass - I even stopped directly in front of the bathroom mirror. The doors to the rooms in your apartment are either push or pull and if you pull one towards you it is very easy to knock it back closed as you move to enter the room. A couple of the rooms have several boxes in them as if you have just moved in (or are thinking of moving out). You think of Amanda and reflect on your Honeymoon, which you spent traveling through and around; California, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Louisiana, Nevada and New York, so you are obviously not short of a few bob (or Dollars).


The designers/creators/programmers have put so much work into making this seem like realisty and in most cases have done an extremely excellent job of it. This is why the hairs on the back of my neck bristle when I see minor, silly, errors such as the Radio in the kitchen. It has no wires, there are no electric sockets on the walls, there is no electric input on the radio or out lead, plus there is no battery compartment (remember you can fully examine whatever you can pick up). Twice the phone rings while you are wandering around the apartment and twice whoever it is hangs up as you answer it. Maybe it was the Naproxen you take for headaches - the bottle in the bathroom is empty!  Then you get a message to be at Yelverton's Mansion in Royston Park (Pennsylvania) and for dramatic effect you need to be there alone at midnight


The game is well paced, not fast but not tortoise-like either. It has some excellentgraphics and sounds and just the right amount of mysterious mystery, such as fleeting glimpses of a man who may possibly be Harvey Whitford, a detective from the Insomnis Detective Agency (haven't located them as yet but figure them to be a Private Dick Bureau) who committed suicide in Royston Park. You also turn up information of the 'Cult of Ecstasy' and Doreen Austerlitz, with the dates 1892-1960, who wrote about the 'Nature of Universes' as if she truly believed, even had knowledge of, the existence of Choleum, Inpherus, Lusst'ghaa and Morturrim.


This isn't a walkthrough, though you may have gathered some assistance in my meanderings, but it's about here that I feel I should take my leave of you for if your appetite isn't whetted by now there isn't anything more I can say to excite you into putting the necessary time into playing this to its conclusion except perhaps to say check it out on YOUTUBE here


Above the screenies are some of the scenes leading up to Amanda being hit and below are a few of the screenshots I took while playing. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I had to delete dozens more because the game's atmospheric (dark) lighting made the screenies too dark to reveal anything.









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