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ARE You Sure You Are 18 or Over?  PLEASE do NOT Read on if you are UNDER 18

This is another Horror story of Lusstg'haa. It has graphic violence and sexual overtones. If you have played LUST for DARKNESS and enjoyed it you will find this a damned (pun intended) good adventure. It does take all visual content to the next step. 


This is an amazing blend of Lovecraft, Bosch, De Sade, Exotic, Erotic, Pornographic and point & click, puzzle-solving, adventure. There are two choices open to you once the game has loaded; Censored or Uncensored. Being told that I am a grown-up I went for the Uncensored version. After a couple of hours play I was thinking how it is possible to create and publish such a highly graphic, visually explicit game. Playing the Uncensored version it is hard to imagine what the Censored version could look like as every dream/nightmare sequence, with/without player interaction, is like wall-to-wall mobile or static action from the (in)famous orgy scene in Tinto Brass's 'Caligula' as if designed by the great Hans Ruedi Geiger. I'm not even sure the 18+ certificate is strong enough for it.


This game isn't for everyone, and especially not for players who are afraid, disgusted, moralistic, upset to see images of, or say the words, the 'penis' and the 'vagina'. I mentioned Caligula (the movie) above, and this is because like that film this is one thing with another thing going on within and around it. However the scenes and actions are very well directed and although some may get a pleasure, perverse or natural, from watching, even taking part in, the various acts of human fornication, the true value of LUST from BEYOND is the unwinding of the story and the enjoyment and satisfaction of solving the puzzles.


On the erotic side, this is no Leisure Suit Larry, this is the first time in my history of playing games that I have entered a chamber via a vagina and been half-killed by a seven feet high penis. The latter reminded me of the old soft-core movie 'Flesh Gordon' where penisauruses (penisaurii?) ran amok. On the game side this is a very good point-and-click adventure with Lovecraftian overtones and puzzles.


The preamble confused me a little but I am pretty sure your character begins as a Cultist of  Lusstg'haa, which is supposedly another Hell-like world. You are deeply into a ritual to open the Gates of Ecstasy and are required to put on a mask which somewhat resembles an Alienesque face-hugger. With this on and the ritual running you can travel between worlds, leaving the somewhat mundane behind as you dreamscape into the erotic realm where everything and anything goes.

Depicted on the wall in at least one of the rooms is the heavenly 'Garden of Earthly Delight', a three-part masterpiece (a tryptich) by the Netherlander Hieronymus Bosch. Never before, in my experience as a gamer, has such an important work of art been so perfectly fitting for the theme of an electronic entertainment. Bosch isnt the only famous artist to find his work withing the confines of this glorious romp through a land so debauched and depraved even de Sade would have reason to doubt its existence.


With the mask on, and seemingly now unable to remove it, you become the insatiable socialite Victor Holloway, and at first you seem like a nice chap. This is later proven to be not quite an accurate description of you when, after covering the floor in flower petals, organising the wine, glasses, the ice bucket and giving your girlfriend a beautiful guitar as a birthday present, she takes you naked to her bed where your graciousness departs and your lust takes over; not such a good time for the young lady after all. It's about this time you cross over into the other world ...


Even though I have put this page behind an '18' gate younger readers can still locate it, thus I have refrained from publishing any of the truly erotic screenshots; just know that they are intense and definitely Lust from Beyond.


 You are convinced you need medical assistance and agree to meet a psychiatrist, a Dr Austerlitz, in the City of Bleakmore. When you arrive there it is late, no one is around and the streets are deserted even though it is the Festival of the Summer Solstice. Now although up until now you've seen a few weird and disturbing images the game has still had that feel of being a detective game of searching, collecting possibly useful items - basically there are so many things you can examine but so few things you can pick up and take with you that whatever says Press E to keep you do so immediately, looking at it more thoroughly later.

 Photographs and paintings of Dr Austerlitz are all over the place, particularly on posters and in the Hotel. On entering the City and then the Hotel Desire (where Dr Austerlitz has already booked you a room for the night). The game play now changes as you continue to seek and search, completing the puzzles as they arrive. Fear, anguish and horror are just some of the  Some are clever and logical others are evil and nasty. Not wishing to give all the clues but here's an example. You need to make a phone call and your cell has no battery, so you go outside to your car, get a coin from the boot - when was the last time you carried a single coin in your boot? - and use the phone on the wall that still works; yes, in this gritty City there is a phone on a wall that hasn't been vandalised.

You are now caught up in some very weird stuff. Folk dressed in ninja black outfits flitter around, coming and going completely silently so you rarely see them until it's too late - if they catch you they kill you. I am currently at a point in the game when there is a specific thing I need to do. I can see what it is, but I cannot make it to the next step without dying. 

One of the reasons that I keep dying is because the Movement keys (WASD or Arrows) continually switch their bindings, so that W goes backwards and S goes forward without any warning. Whether there is a glitch in the programming or whether this is by design, it is annoying, frustrating and illogical. Left also equals Right and vice versa, making character control truly difficult but not really in a fun way.

  There is fun in a good many of the puzzles though. Quite often you have to use things from your inventory to open doors or find ways in which to get the next required fitting piece. Often the logic of the puzzles is simple - find three different sized and shaped indents in a wall then go and locate three items that look roughly the same shape as the dents and fit them. Other puzzles require that you read and/or react.

  Opening a door you see a beautiful naked girl. She beckons you towards her with a come-hither smile and warm greetings that float across the room to your ears, like petals on a blue lagoon. What do you do? You could run away if you want to but for you my readers, I boldly step forward. The game takes over for a while and a mask appears on the girl's face, not an exotic or sexual mask but a cheap face covering in the style of a carnival or festival. The girls is willing and wanting, as are you, the game puts you in a position and then leaves it up to you, your mouse and your keyboard.

Yes, there are many sexual references in LUST from BEYOND, but what you should expect must be determined by just reading the title. There is also a more than reasonable detective tale with many necessary criminal activities to act out or react to.

If you are broad minded, not at all prudish, basically you like sexual proclivity, and viewing animated male and female genitals doesn't bother you - make that very broad minded - you could possibly find this interesting. You can play it Censored but I cannot see the point of that to be honest as the story and sexual content are interwound.

Is it a game I would recommend? I'm honestly not sure, so I suppose that's like saying no-ish! It is suggested that you play in a darkened room, wearing headphones for the full effect. This effect is really intense so if you do this make sure that either;
a) you know no-one is going to disturb you
b) you have a defibralator/ambulance standing by in case someone does touch you on the shoulder.

Little Niggles. No biggies, I agree, but still not quite right.

No Save capability. The game will save itself, generally when you complete a section or chapter, but you cannot hit the [Save] button if Dinner is called etc. Any progress beyond the last game-saved slot is lost and you have to do it again from that saved point. Not too bad, but frustrating.

The Shop - you live upstairs. Before going up to ready the place for Lily's arrival, you ensure that all the windows are closed, the blinds are pulled, the doors are deadlocked. So how does Lily get in?

Task List - as you complete each section of a mission that task is crossed through on the list, or at least it's supposed to be. If it isn't crossed out then you know you still have it to do, except certain tasks remained uncrossed after completion, example: You have to light the candle and set down the glasses and place the wine in the ice bucket;  all of these are tasks but none of them were crossed out on the list. 

Lily speaks and says quite clearly "PEDDLING" The sub-text reads "PEDDING"  

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