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The Lord of the Rings ™: Living Card Game on Steam™


Asmodee Digital and Fantasy Flight Interactive announced the awaited he Lord of the Rings™: Living Card Game™ now live on SteamTM for PC and Mac





Online (ccg's and tcg's) collectible/trading card games have been around for a long time now and like the actual Lord of the Rings card game the LotR online 'Living' card game arrives a little late to the table. 

Of course many of the online card games haven't got the power and popularity of the Lord of the Rings and so this game has got the boost that many of the others can only dream of.


Play is very much similar to the other online card games; you are given a deck to begin with which as you progress you can add or remove cards to/from or you can build a new deck once you know what you are doing. 

The screen on which you play is all very elaborate, looks gorgeous and is mostly inanimate, simply there for aesthetics.


Each card has either abilities or effects or both that can be used (when the card is in play) to affect the opposition's card or self, as I said, very similar to the majority of action/adventure card games.

What isn't exactly similar is the interface (such that it is); the controls are not immediately intuitive, though they don't take long to get used to. You start by selecting a card from your hand which then appears in enlarged form where all its text is visible. If you wish to use this card you need to drag it into the front line, either into a space or onto another previously laid card to augment it.


Cards in the front line can then, on your turn and one at a time (alternating turns with opponents) be selected and dragged towards an opponent's card. The card being dragged doesn't actually move, instead a jagged arrow animates from the card selected to the card chosen. This is done with the mouse button held down but not activating until the button is released, once let go there is no cancelling the attack.


There are lots of wonderfully illustrated cards that truly bring the Lord of the Rings tales to life. Some of these are the regional maps, the continuing story, beasts or the various types of terrain, whilst the majority are of characters we all know and admire. 

Your hand of cards are shown face up in front of you while your opposition's cards remain hidden (and of course they always, nearly always, seem to get the cards they need just when they need them). Your opponent can be one of the Fellowship heroes or one of Sauron's army of henchmen. You can change after each game but not during mid-game.


Fans of Lord of the Rings who are also players who enjoy collectible card games, yet have difficulty in finding human opponents when required, will find this ticks all the boxes. Visual beautiful, in line with the characters from the story, atmospheric and rather an overall pleasure. It doesn't differ enough from the majority of the other online card games except of course its LotR theme makes it stand out high alongside luminaries like the Magic the Gathering™ and Star Trek™ and Star Wars™. In fact unless an online card game does not have a major specialised franchise like those mentioned it struggles to make high impact sales.


I don't know if there is any/much difference between this 'early access' version and the general release but I can say that this version is pleasantly playable and quite enjoyable and as I have already mentioned, beautifully illustrated.

Published and produced by Fantasy Flight Interactive and Asmodee Digital.


Cooperative Multiplayer Mode Now Live!

EARLY ACCESS GAME- During Early Access, you will need to purchase one of the Founder's Packs listed below as DLC. You can purchase The Shire Pack, The Steward of Gondor Pack, or the Istari Pack. These packs all stack so you can purchase one, two or all three and not replicate any content. Or you can purchase all three packs combined as the Mithril Bundle. 

Build your deck and face the Dark Forces of Sauron either alone in Single Player or with a friend in Cooperative Multiplayer!

Battle spiders, orcs, Ringwraiths, and more as you journey through Middle-earth, earning cards and devising new tactics along the way. In The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game, players lead their own fellowship of heroes through immersive quests, each with its own unique narrative and challenges. Traverse the dark forests of Mirkwood, brave the flames of Mordor, plumb the depths of Moria, and protect the Free Peoples of Middle-earth from the oppressive and all-seeing Eye of Sauron. Ready your weapons, gather your heroes, and create your own story.

Key Features

Buy LOTR LCG- Shire Founder's Pack    £5.79

Buy LOTR LCG- Steward of Gondor Founder's Pack  £12.39

Buy LOTR LCG- Istari Founder's Pack    £23.79  

Buy LOTR LCG- Mithril Founder's Pack Bundle  £32.99


This is a YouTube video of the game-play from a year ago. It is very close to how the game plays now.





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