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Folk as old as I am will know the saying "Cocking a snook" although until I go look it up on Wiki I have no idea where it comes from. I understand that it means 'thumbing your nose' as in "Thumbing your nose at the Law" (time to look at Wiki, be right back). It is a form of derision, generally used by school-children and often accompanied by the waggling of the fingers - and the derisive call "na, na, ner, na na". 

So now you ask why have I started this review with that piece of schoolyard trivia and the answer is because the folk behind this latest Larry Laffer escapade are most definitely cocking a snook at political correctness whilst thumbing their noses at the current necessity to own the latest technical equipment. 

If you are easily offended you shouldn't even be thinking about the latest Leisure Suit Larry game let alone reading about it. If Political Correctness is your 'thing' then close this page now and turn to another great Games Gazette review - there's plenty of options available under Boardgames, PC, Console etc. But please do not complain about either this review or this game. If you continue, you know what ytou are getting into and thus what to expect.


This is Larry Laffer at his best (or worst) with the sexual puns and innuendos coming (cumming ?) thick and fast (unlike Larry). From the begin with the ukuele playing stereotype Mexican sitting next to the phallic shaped cactus to the global PRUNE Incorporation and their latest expensive piece of telecommunication device, the PiPhone (pronounced Pie-Phone naturally), the game is littered with tongue-in-cheek words being played on. Las Vegas has often been called 'Lost Wages' and thus the setting for Larry's latest misadventure is of course 'New Lost Wages' where there is the famed Chinese Restaurant 'Long Dong's' and the Prune building complete with twin globes at ground level either side of a cigar tube shaped hi-rise with continuous white firework effects flowering out of the top of it.


It is not all rude and crude though. Some of it is just downright funny enough to make you laugh while other parts of it will make you cringe at it's awfully low attempt at humour. Some jokes/in-jokes you will miss unless you either scour each screen or they pop up and hit you between the eyes, this Larry Laffer game can take longer than necessary to play simply because you are too often looking for that in-joke you believe to be hiding on every screen.

I'll give you a few obvious examples: I have already mentioned the PiPhone but I never mentioned it has a built in hologram helper you can ask to do things just by calling her name, choose from 'Bo, Kim, Cindy or Madonna' after opening her app with a "Hello Pi". To travel from A to B you need to call a car firm and there are plenty of 'Unter' stations available (Unter meaning Under as opposed to Uber meaning Over in the German language). On your PiPhone you can access 'Instercrap', 'Timber' and 'Farcebook' as well as book tickets to the famous 'Scorching Dude Festival' out in the desert, you see where I'm going with this. Larry is no longer just a crude dude he is also taller and slimmer, and although he still wears the 'Leisure Suit' he is renown for still has lascivious thoughts which often pop out of his mouth when the need (or something) arises.


Larry has been away for a long time, so long that on entering his favourite Bar "Lefty's" he guesses after Lefty's questioning that it must be 1990 but then an encounter with a young 'lady' (in the Bar) who is idly doing whatever it is young people do with their PiPhones nowadays slowly begins to make his gears tick into position and he begins to ask questions himself until he has at least an inkling of how progress has moved on, thus realising that he has to wake up to the 21st Century. To do this he resolves to get himself one of those PiPhone thingies with its built in young woman, of course.


Despite being a brave move to bring Larry Laffer and his eccentricities back to the world of computer games the designers have created a world similar to that which we actually live in now - split into two unequal halves; the haves and the have-nots. Lefty's Bar is a throwback to the 'Joe's' Cafe' of the sixties where drink spills and crumbs share the counter and floor whereas the PRUNE Incorporation building, apart from its penile appearance and iconic logo, is all state of the art, highly polished, ultra clean and somewhat minimalist, very 21st Century. The Prune building was designed by Bill Jobbs (aka BJ)

Naturally they don't give Piphones away - well actually in Larry's case they do because he found their lost prototype and returned it (oblivious to what it was actually worth), but the general staff require Larry to complete a couple of tasks before they will give him the necessary apps and assistance he needs to be able to get the 90pts required for a Timber date with 'Faith' - one assumes 'Hope' and 'Charity' are next in line ? He is tasked with the relatively simple choice of getting some Soft Toilet Paper and a pair of 'used' Panties (so close to what you would expect for a Larry Laffer adventure except the Underwear is required to be empty of a female).


Lefty's loo isn't the place to look for clean soft toilet paper, in fact it doesn't look like there has been anything clean in there for a while - soft, possibly, clean definitely not! In fact someone has an awfully bad case of explosions very early into your investigation and the end of that sequence doesn't help the decor one iota, but it may help Larry if he can get over his ickiness. In the back room of Lefty's there is an old boiler that needs fixing, another of Larry's tasks, and a giant poster of a great mythical beast on the wall proclaiming the game "Dungeons & Dicks". It seems that no-one plays 'point and click' games anymore, everyone is into PiPhone based games about exploding candies (Hmmm! I wonder what they are talking about).



On the good side it's great to be able to play as Larry Laffer again and sometimes select what he is going to say by question or answer.

On the 'bad' side there have been a couple of kinks in the game/ The first occurred in Lefty's when Lefty says to Larry "Come a little closer"; twice now at this point something has frozen the game and my computer causing me to have a complete reboot - the third time I got to close to this point I bypassed it and the game ran okay since then.
The second hiccup is that the onscreen subtitle text doesn't always reflect the exact same words as the characters are speaking although the basic point is generally conveyed.

On his website -  Larry has this to say
"Hey ladies, I’m back in business! My new adventure, Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don’t Dry, takes me – whatever the route or twist of fate – from the end of the ’80s directly into the 21st century and wow, how the world has changed! While my view of the world and women from way back in the 1980s collides with modern reality harder than the breasts of a lusciously stacked blonde jogging along a beach, I’m all set to date my way across the modern world! 

In a “point & click” adventure I’d call typical for the genre we mutually experience how I fall head-over-heels in love with Faith, the hot-to-trot assistant to the boss at Prune, a technology enterprise successful worldwide. Since even dating is done digitally nowadays, the first thing I have to do is to work on my score at Timber, the totally hip, can’t-get-anywhere-without-it dating app where I date women, satisfy their needs, and accordingly pick up points for my Timber profile. And whenever I get a chance in between, always briefly check out a few new bikini pix at Instacrap – the 21st century is gnarly smill!

  • Leisure Suit Larry is coming in the 21st century – and no, there’s no word missing here
  • Explore a lovingly designed, non-linear game world set in the modern world with over 30 hand drawn venues
  • Use “Timber”, the ingame app, along with an innovative dating mechanism to date women, consequently improve your score at Timber, and ultimately clear the way to get to Faith, the women of your dreams
  • Solve true-blue puzzles and interact with over 30 hand drawn characters

The developers describe the content like this:  "This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Nudity or Sexual Content, General Mature Content"

DEVELOPER:  CrazyBunch 
PUBLISHER:   Assemble Entertainment

DEVELOPER:  CrazyBunch
PUBLISHER:   Assemble Entertainment



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