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Title: League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Yoozoo Games
Publisher: GTArcade

This is paraded as an MMO and an RPG, and it does have elements of both of these game types, but for me it is neither. It is a mass brawl that rarely seems to stop. As you clear one wave you are never far away from the next one.

Boss types, minions, all manner of units and ranks, these you face with your choice of character, chosen from the three available. All are different in their own way but also all as effective in their various legendary combat types:
The Archer. Fast firing like Speedy or Oliver in Arrow tv series.
The Mage. Friendly but frenetic. Fires spells off like Muhammed Ali throwing body punches.
The Dragoon. Trained Military. Fights like a Tank.

Whoever you choose you have the same chance of completing the challenges thrown your way, but obviously your approach play may be a little different. In Heaven’s Fury, The gods are now corrupt and are engulfing the world with evil and malicious wickedness. Your character is 'the chosen one,' and it is your task to locate and collect the legendary Angels and help them return the gods to good grace and reclaim the heavens. 


Once the melee/fracas begins it is often difficult to spot your character amidst the flailing arms, weapons, explosions and the damage numbers. As you are mainly concentrating on the onscreen action you have little time to track your life points or experience and so without warning there suddenly comes a crash and flash and LEVEL INCREASED blazes across the screen or, equally without warning the fighting stops and your character drops to the ground, deceased.


You can resurrect on the spot and charge straight back in. The enemies are as they were and you don't come back fully fit, though you might have a chance to sup a potion before the fray begins again.

You can see from the screenshots in this page that the action is all focused on the centre of the location. If you move to one side then the screen resets automatically so that once again your character is the centre of attention.


The 'PING' of LEVEL INCREASE comes faster and faster, gaining levels quicker than in any game I have ever played. In the first five minutes I had gained a dozen levels.


The further you get into the game the better equipment you can get and also the mounts get stronger and more powerful.

There is a VIDEO on YouTube designed to show prospective players what they can expect. That, with the screenies I have taken, shows how nuch goes on, is happening all the time, onscreen.


The background locations are varied and excellent but you have little time to enjoy their splendour because of the speed of each conflict. 


The most unusual thing about this game is that, although it is obviously a combat based action game, the majority of engagements are (or at least can be) automatically played out with you basically watching it unfold in front of you.


"League of Angels – Heaven's Fury" is a unique, 3D visibly chaotic and active, online action game set in a fantasty land that is loosely based on Western mythology.


Unlike any other action, adventure, MMO, RPG or Battle game I have played. If you are in need of blowing off some steam then this is a super great way to do it.


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