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A PC Full Motion Video Steam 'game'  that is not for the feint of heart or the action-requiring player. In Jessika death is a reality, the why of death is the campaign. Jessika committed suicide, and it’s up to you to find out why she did what she did by prying into her digital past. What at first seems to be a job like any other quickly develops into a dark drama with twists and turns.

JESSIKA will draw you into its mindset and then there is nothing you can think of all day, awake or in dreams. You do not control or create an avatar or character, you do not gain extra equipment, find life points in a jar, or fight evil monsters or end of level bosses. You sit in front of your onscreen computer, watch short videos as you find them, search for clues and, in your official capacity as a White Hat, you hack away to your content.

You have a notebook into which you can type anything you need to remember or you think is important. You have to watch each video, listen to each video, decipher each email that Jessika sent and received, basically you have to pry into Jessika's life as you attempt to discover why (if indeed she did) she committed suicide.

All you need is your brain and your laptop, and some basic background info about the “victim” – in this case it’s all about Jessika. Access her database and browse her files by typing different search terms. These will give you access to video clips, audio files, notes, and news articles. Share those with the client and your colleagues to dig even deeper. Use your savvy and combine the facts to unfold the true story of Jessika.

JESSIKA is a slow moving text feast of clues and deductions. You have to piece everything together by going back and forth between emails, messages, videos and your notes. I have never personally been involved in a real-life drama of this magnitude, but I guess this is how the police detectives work when they have a baffling case that may not be what it at first looks like.

You belong to a group of legalised hackers known as White Flower. Through them you are hired to discover anything and everything you can do about Jessika, a recent suicide.

The beginning of the game warns you of the darkness, including violence and rape and suicide, and this warning should be well heeded. Despite being easily obtainable this isn't a game for young players or anyone with issues of depression; it is indeed a truly dark realm of ugliness that you will find yourself in, and it is possible you may recognise some of your own life within it. 

Mainly you will be switching between all the possible programs available to you, following leads etc. You have a program called Wizzapp which is your basic means of communication and you also have a decrypter into which you can place files you currently cannot understand. There are several types of files, ranging from easily decrypted marked with Grey tabs, through to Red tabbed files verging on the impossible to decypher; with different colours inbetween that have varying levels of protection.

Believe it or not, simply typing random words that you may have plucked from an otherwise innocent looking email into your search, may yield unexpected results.

This isn't a by-the-numbers click and follow game, but it is a mindful experience of your powers of persistence, deduction staying power. I haven't managed to get too far into it as yet, mainly because my powers of focus and logic puzzle solving need rests 

Discover messages from friends and family, such as this one from her father, your client.
"Dear Jessika, 
I have so many questions…so many questions that are haunting me since…then. I know we had lots of dissensions in the past. And sure, I have to admit that I wasn’t the best father there is…everybody has his faults and his crosses to bear. 
Anyway, the important thing is, you have to learn from your mistakes. But right now, it’s too late for redemption, too late to say I’m sorry. There’s no way I can put right the terrible wrong that I’ve done – because of what you did and for whatever reason you did this. All I can think of is: WHY? Was this your last resort? If you would’ve talked to me, we could’ve found a remedy, a way out…somehow. 

I can’t blame you for keeping silence and a low profile. I can only blame myself. No matter what others will say, for my emotional well-being, I want to – no, I have to find out what happened and what made you do this. 

I hired professionals that will be able to bring light into the darkness, inquiring your whereabouts and examine your intentions. And maybe, but just maybe, they can ease my conscience. At least for the time being.
Love always.

In this full motion video mystery adventure you are part of a group that specializes in processing digital footprints of deceased people - all on behalf of the relatives. What at first seems to be a job like any other quickly develops into a dark drama with twists and turns.

This is a slow burner with lots of twists, dead ends, and frustrations. It allows you to visit the world of the hacker as well as have the darker elements of life thrust at you. There is no actual visual violence or rape but the inference is too strong to deny or ignore. It's not for younger players, but that's mainly because they are unlikely to try to solve a very 'talky' story when they have hand-held consoles, mobile phones and XBox/Playstations and of course Fortnite.

This is an enigma file style game and you are the code-breaker destined to unlock the truth and hopefully/perhaps set your client's mind to rest.

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