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The Hand of Merlin is a turn-based rogue-lite RPG in which Arthurian legend meets with sci-fi horror. Recruit mortal heroes to explore lands rife with otherworldly evil, make narrative bending choices in unique interactive encounters, and search for the lost fragments of your soul across the multiverse!

DEVELOPER:  Room-C GamesCroteam     PUBLISHER:   Versus Evil       VIDEO     Buy Online: £18.99   Bundle: £22.48   Soundtrack: £5.99

Your dream is to become a Knight of the Round Table, a hero to the Arthurian world, and an agent of King Arthur himself. Sadly by the time you are of age King Arthur is dead and the Round Table demolished; you are decimated and your dreams are broken.

Then you are visited by Merlin the Magician, the wizard friend of Arthur, and he has a most important mission for you.

At your disposal (if Merlin is in a good mood enlightened) are spells such as:
Translocation (teleport)
Phase (evading)
Resurrection (Heal the dead)
Warp (Thunderbolt)
and Prophecy etc

A cataclysmic event has opened a rift in the fabric of time and this allowed all manner of creatures and monsters through it. Merlin is a transdimensional wizard who is trying to save everyone, everything and everywhere - using you (and your heroic friends, located en route) as his tools.

If you can locate King Galahad he has a Grail for you, but it appears that the Grail is either of Piety or Valour..

There are many worlds in what you discover is a multiuniverse, and each of these worlds has a Camelot and a Grail. Morgana has awoken from an extremely deep sleep (having fooled Arthur) and is going to be your worst adversary as you travel by road and portal to locate the one true Grail and take it to Jerusalem.

Most of the gameplay and mechanics have been used over and over, and even with discernible minor differences nothing actually stands out from the rest, as far as mechanics and game play. Selecting an option from the menu usually means the other options are no longer available. Arrows guide you on your path and prevent you from losing focus by changing direction.

Where the game comes to life is the time travelling aspect, the encouragement of the game's atmosphere to keep you on the track of the Grail and the exciting journey you have to take part in between Avalon and Jerusalem. 

The HAND of MERLIN shows respect to the players by not treating them as dummies. Working with/for Merlin is no easy task and despite his amazingly powerful magic he rarely offers the greatest in assistance. You took the job, deal with it.

Enter the scene, take note of it, decide on your strategy and then let all hell rain down on the evil monsters. Collect loot, trade with Merchants and search for the remnants of your soul which can only be put back together by traversing the different worlds.

A fine adventure across fantasy worlds and science fiction locations. But it is a fail and learn game - basically expect to fail and die, learn and move on. 






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