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Skip past the Press Notes and the Screenshots (yes they are screenshots from my game playing and not standard online screenies) to near the bottom of the page to read my notes on playing the Early Access game
Prepare for war at 150 mph as Lucid’s futuristic vehicle combat MOBA is out now in Early Access on Steam PC & PS4

LIVERPOOL, UK - AUGUST 29, 2018 - Liverpool-based developers, Lucid Games, have announced today that Switchblade, their strategic team-based MOBA, is available now in Early Access on PC via Steam and PlayStation®4. Steam gamers and PS Plus subscribers in Europe can also look forward to a 20% launch discount.

Watch the Switchblade Early Access trailer, here:


War is the new sport in Switchblade. Set in a futuristic world, Switchblade sees two teams compete in a frantic 5v5 arena-style battle, where players are able to switch seamlessly between heavily armed sci-fi vehicles, offering endless tactical choices as they work together to take down enemy towers.

Early Access players will get an exclusive Founders Pack upon purchasing the game, which will only be available to fans during Switchblade’s Early Access phase.


The Switchblade Founder's Pack Includes:


In addition to the above, PS Plus subscribers will also gain access to a special V.I.P. pack, which includes the following:


Lucid have praised the ongoing efforts of the growing Switchblade community, encouraging players to offer as much feedback as possible during Early Access.

“We can’t thank our amazing community enough for their incredible support so far. We consider them an extended part of the dev team and look forward to more players joining us, as we continue to shape Switchblade with their feedback during this exciting stage of development” -- Craig Howard, Creative Director, Lucid Games.


Switchblade founders can leave their comments and feedback on the official forumsDiscord channel and via the Steam community hub now, here.


To request your Switchblade Early Access review code for PS4 or PC (Steam), please email: specifying your preferred platform.

For all the latest on Switchblade, follow the game on Twitter, like it on Facebook and visit the official website. You can also keep up to date with Lucid andSwitchblade on Twitch and YouTube.



The game is mostly about destruction, destroying opponent's towers and defences before they cut you and your minions down to size - if you die you get put in a 'sin bin' for a certain amount of time before being resurrected (though this is something I have yet to discover)

The Tutorial is neat and tidy and in two halves. One teaches you controls and the second some strategies, new weaponry etc - new stuff is gained as you get better during play. Some of the weapons are fantastic and can take out a whole unit with one shot, but they take ages  to re-energise and there is always a tougher enemy just round the corner.

You have two vehicles available to you, which I assume in the main game you can select/buy, and these are swapped in and out at your command by having a Drop-Ship come in and plop one down in front of you while retrieving the other one. Very nice and very neat.

There is the usual brief character setup, Male/Female, various shades of skin, styles of face, hair colours and styles clothing etc so you can accessorise to your vehicle or your personal tastes. Fun but not worth spending too long on as you're wasting valuable game time on  a frivolity.

Controls are fairly basic, Left Stick Moves, Right Stick Camera angles, quite sensitive. Destroyed buildings and machines often leave currency (gold D4 shaped 3D triangular pieces) behind which you collect and can use to upgrade or buy new vehicles and weapons.

When I first loaded the game there was a choice of three servers. Naturally I chose the European one and completed the Tutorials quite quickly and easily, but it was quite late at night/early morning so when I tried to get a game - there are a few options - no one was available to team up - and you don't get the option to go one on one with the A.I. which is a great shame (maybe this will be available in the full game ?). I logged out and tried to go back in and change server to the USA one where I figured folk may still be up seeing as it would only be between 6pm and 9pm in most places but each time I reloaded I came straight back to where I left it. If I can play it without company (as well as with company) then it will be a game high on my play list, especially when I want some fast crazy violent but not realistic action featuring vehicles that not even Hot Wheels have dreamed up yet.

I have tried a few times since to get some action but to no avail, maybe the Early Access has ended and no-one told me ? But if so why can I still log on?

If it remains as a game where you need cooperative grouping then it is not one I personally would play, at least very often, as my times for playing vary so greatly I cannot be relied upon to be anywhere at a specific time - which is basically why I gave up on World of Warcraft (it got too hard to solo and the pick-up groups only wanted characters with the best weapons and armour, which you don't get soloing - still that's another game, but it explains my reasoning for not wanting SWITCHBLADE to be a co-op game only).

I love the action of the vehicles I controlled. They spin back and forth, bump over objects, swivel 360 degrees at speed and are fun to 'drive' and fight from, giving the impression that this is going to be one heck of a fun, bumpy, violent, ride when it is launched.


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