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Deadly Days is a one-of-a-kind zombie survival game that focuses on intense strategic elements, as well as the undeniable humor behind what a zombie apocalypse would look like in our modern meme-oriented society. 

Key features of Deadly Days include:

Over 60 different crazy items and tons of powerful special abilities that can dramatically change the outcome of any battle

Over 25 weapon types with randomly generated modifications 

Over 30 different survivor skins and more than 10 unique zombie and boss types that only one want thing: brains! 

Lovingly designed pixel art style and procedurally generated cities and missions

Expand your base by building various rooms such as a greenhouse or mechanics room and craft crazy, unique weapons. 

New integrated Twitch feature — viewers can now become survivors and decide which mission should be taken on next!


DEADLY DAYS is an old-school style shoot-em-up in the manner of highly pixellated graphics, and animations of the 'South Park'™ variety.
The characters are in 2D/3D and march across the screen to the tune of your handling of the LMB and/or WASD keys. They do automatically attack any Zombies that they encounter at distance or come into contact with.

DEADLY DAYS is a ROGUELIKE game (Roguelike (or rogue-like) is a subgenre of role-playing video games characterized by a dungeon crawl through procedurally generated levels) where the characters can level up by eating food regularly. However you must remember to save enough food for all of your party by the end of the day because even if you have just fed them before, if the evening arrives and there is insufficient food available then each unfed character will die - permanently. 

This is a dungeon-crawl-like game even though it is mostly played on the surface. The screen scrolls as your party reaches the edges, but a dark smokey mist ensures that there is a specific game area for each day's play.
Game days are marked off at the top of the screen alongside the current Zombie toughness level, but overall the screen isn't the most intuitive I have encountered.


The ultimate goal for the survivors (characters/party members are called survivors) is to locate the Burger Shops and destroy them, finding map pieces - there are four in total to find - that will eventually lead them to the Meat Factory/Slaughterhouse where cows go in and infected Burgers come out; infected Burgers are taken to Burger joints and customers who eat them are turned into Zombies - or cannon fodder if you do your job right.

You begin the game in the tutorial with two survivors, though you quickly make this three as Banana Banana joins you once you rescue him - there is another guy in a cage who can be found top right of the map but I never found out how to rescue him before the tutorial ended and I was on my own in a land filled with continually emerging Zombies. Actually there were three of us, so I wasn't really alone, although the three in the group acted and moved together not individually, and I was controlling them so perhaps I was alone - who knows? I did enjoy the fact that they auto fired after I equipped them with found weapons.

You can either equip them with the weapons found or leave them with their own - believe me you need to equip them every time you find something better than they have. Then you can 'sell' the old equipment, though 'sold' is not the correct word as in fact they are broken down to form scrap, which is then used to repair what you have or build when required. Scrap is shown as a number top right, sitting next to the number of Apples (food) you currently have - be careful how you use both of these assets as they are extremely useful.


When it begins to get towards nightfall there is a warning onscreen that you should get back on your bus and head back to camp asap. You can customise your survivors in the camp, as much customisation as you are allowed anyway. You also sell your garbage for scrap while in camp.

There are a couple of special abilities you have at the beginning of the tutorial - a bomb strike and a Heal. Bomb Strikes and Heal take time to ready after being used so again it is up to you when and where you use them, you can heal a character while they are in combat - it is a localised Heal not a mass Heal that affects everyone - shame!


I encountered a problem that took me a while to figure out. This was during the tutorial when the [Continue] button was prevalent. It allowed me to press this button but not to proceed. Instead a WARNING sign cam up stating that I still have multiple items that may be equipped. I thought 'may' meant I didn't have to, but apparently it means equip or sell them. Then go around every possible place you can where you get a response and try using it. On the left screen there are containers for your special abilities. Moving the mouse over these brings up a message that basically says they are empty 'No Special Items' and yet clicking on them does indeed produce the equipment, or at least some of it, that you have to deal with. The same can be said for the containers on the bottom/centre of the screen and the survivors weapons inventory. Until you have done everything you are supposed to do you cannot continue.


Basically this is a crazy, partially strategic game in which a bunch of citizens go apesh*t over a Zombie production factory and hope to blow it to pieces whilst surviving themselves. If in doubt, click on and action everything on the screen. Keep yourself safe, locate as many new friends as you can and just keep shooting.

I haven't come across any non-zombie citizens as yet, other than those who join your merry band, so as far as I know there is littler or no chance of killing innocents. Don't get into a mob melee with Zombies under any circumstances. They will keep coming towards you and you should continually blow them up with Air Strikes and hails of bullets. The more you kill the tougher they become the harder it is to win.

HINTS: Listen/read carefully and take in what the Tutorial Guy tells you but, from experience and as already mentioned, take no notice of other onscreen 'speech' type bubbles until you have completely checked out where they are coming from.


What I will say is that I generally dislike retro games that use such jagged and thick pixellated graphics, and so I was surprised when I went to find the screenshots in Dropbox and the time-stamp of the first and last pictures had over an hour's spread time, and I hadn't had a break (not even for coffee) whilst playing; thus I must have been subconsciously considerably enjoying it.

Currently down to 60% of rrp (£6.29p) at the Steam Store until 9th July.


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