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Terahard Studios’ ninja-cat Beat'em up arrives September 4 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC via Steam & PS4.

The ninja-cat beat’em up lands on its feet today on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC via Steam & PS4

LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 - Developers, Terahard, have announced today that their a-meow-sing debut beat’em up, co-op action game, Claws of Furry, arrives today on PC and consoles priced at $9.99 (or regional equivalent) and on PlayStation®4 in the US, September 12. Players can look out for special discounts on day of release.

Watch the Claws of Furry launch trailer, here

In Claws of Furry, players take on the role of a vigilante ninja-cat, on a mission to rescue his master from the evil paws of an unknown boss. They’ll punch, scratch and claw their way through fifty levels of catastrophic mayhem, taking down countless furry foes along the way. With multiple game modes from Co-op to Pussycat, Claws of Furry caters to an array of play styles, serving up a delightful mix of gameplay, all wrapped in a beautifully hand-painted aesthetic reminiscent of popular 90’s cartoons, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For more information on Claws of Furry, visit the official website: Fans can also like the game on Facebook and follow @Claws_of_Furry on Twitter.

My review below is of the game on the PS4 Plus.

LONDON, UK - AUGUST 8, 2018 - Independent developers, Terahard, announced today that their Beat'em up style co-op action game, Claws of Furry, is coming PC and consoles on September 4. Announced earlier this year for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC via Steam, Terahard have also revealed today that Claws of Furry is coming to PlayStation®4.

Watch the Claws of Furry launch trailer, here:

Claws of Furry is a Beat'em up style co-op action game, where up to 4 players can take on the roles of vigilante ninja-cats on a mission to rescue their master from the evil claws of an unknown boss. Players will punch, scratch and claw their way through fifty levels of catastrophic mayhem. The game is made up of four distinct environments, each presenting its own unique set of enemies, each tougher than the last. Teams must work together to take down enemies efficiently and revive their fallen furmates (teammates) to keep them in the fight. From Pussycat to Rogue-like, Claws of Furry includes multiple game modes catering to various play styles, as well as unlockable outfits with unique bonuses for added cattitude.

See below for a full list of key features.

With a title like "CLAWS of FURRY" you can guess what you are going to get and that is a crazy ride on the roller-coaster of animated chaos.

Beginning at MASTER XHUN's Dojo you are just getting ready for some additional training when those 'dirty rats' make their surprise attack, leaving you dazed, stunned, licking your wounds and with the task of saving the now kidnapped Master Xhun.


This game is a mixed bag of fun, great animations, repetition, super matte backdrops and occasionally frustrating puzzles. It uses mostly regular console controller buttons for actions and special abilities so once it has installed (I still find it quite disheartening that with the power of the PS4 Plus and the speed of the internet it still takes as long now to load a game as it used to using 'CLoad' with my old tape-loading Atari 400). Primarily this is a platform game with you as the Ninja Cat Hero and the Rats as the Villainous army, along with a variety of end-of-level super tough badasses. There are four unique areas to fight your way through losing your 9 Lives (may sound a lot but that number diminishes quickly) along the way, though hopefully not the final one. I played mostly in 'Pussycat' mode which sounded easier to me and I like 'easy'. I was wrong about it being easy, in fact the main difference between Pussycat and other modes is that when you die (and you almost possibly probably certainly will) you don't reset at the start of the game, instead you pop back up on your 'death spot' and continue the game now on full health.


There are around 40 levels of maniacal mayhem that you need to wildly fight your way through, learning new skills on your travels but mainly honing those you already have as you battle to discover the whereabouts of Master Xhun so you can rescue him. As Ninja Cat you know virtually every Martial Art including Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido and Feng Shui as well as being able to mess it with the best of them and throw ninja shiruken (aka 'fish'), you are indeed quite the regular Chuck Norris. You continue until you have defeated all the enemies in the currect section, you cannot move on if even one rat remains. The first time this happened to me I thought the game had bombed as there were no enemies in sight, none on screen, none on the top level, the mid level or the ground level of the buildings and yet I couldn't continue. Then I ran back to the left and found that one of the rats had gone over the edge and was trapped, unable to get back up onto the screen of the last section. I jumped down, just missed landing in the acidic gloop and whopped the rat; then I jumped up and ran into the next section and the game continued.


CLAWS of FURRY is more than just a scrolling fighting action game it is a super fast scrolling fighting action game. I find that once you get into melee with more than one adversary it is hard to distinguish which is you and which are they - it's like a Tom & Jerry cat fight where they whirl around with arms, legs and heads popping out occasionally. My fingers move as quickly from button to button as I can and generally the 'square' followed by the 'triangle' followed by the 'square' seemed to work most of the time. Thrown weapons are of limited use (none in a melee), continual punching and using combo's are the better way, but against the end-of-section enemies they have to be used in short bursts amidst a lot of running and dodging - wear the big dudes down don't try to take them on Mano a Mano.

I'm not a great fan of this genre of game being on the PS4, in my opinion animated fighting games that do not take the power of the PS4 seriously belong on hand-held consoles and PCs via the 'Steam' media, but this is at least one of the better of these type of action fight games and although the move, fight, jump fight, end of section big guys is retro at least the graphics are not the blocky pixellated squared off characters from the past, they are smooth moving and highly mobile even though they have a fairly linear pattern. Designed for those days when fast action furry is all your brain can handle.



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