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Starting on FEB 25th 2021 Drowning Monkeys are running a CASTLE KONG competition    You should click on this link it will take you to a special page!

Castle Kong - Nintendo Switch  Let the Tournament Begin!

 Retro, REtro, RETro, RETRo, RETRO   Retro Retro - Play, Win and Become Loaded - well nearly! - Retro Retro 

Drowning Monkey Games has anticipated this day for two years and today is the day! Castle Kong puts the Retro into Retro gaming

Remember the 'good old days' when no computer would ever need more than 1MB to run?

Well just after we got used to the thought that every home may well one day have its own computer we (those of us in a certain age bracket) began putting PCs aside and playing games on the new-fangled game consoles. There had. of course, been a few consoles earlier but these mainly played cartridge based games like Pong, Defender and Space Invaders etc - yes I really do go that far back.

Around 1981 Nintendo hit the high spots with the beginnings of a series of adventures for a character called 'Donkey Kong' in competition with a funny little plumber guy called Jumpman, soon to be known throughout the world as 'Mario'. As time passed several other Donkey Kong characters crossed over to boost the Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart titles.

Now, 40 years later, with a (roughly £300.00) console called the Nintendo Switch, developers Drowning Monkeys Games have reintroduced the concept of one of the most famous and popular 8 bit (if that) platform games from that era and renamed it CASTLE KONG

Castle Kong is donkey kong, but its an evil king that kidnaps a princess and you're either a prince or a peasant trying to rescue her while avoiding boiling oil and arrows. 

It's ALL about the POINTS

Put simply, Castle Kong is a celebration of the classic Nintendo arcade game, Donkey Kong, recreating the same kind of looks, retro graphical world and stages, while presenting completely new addictive challenges that were presented in bygone times. 22 levels traversing four different stages, with just 3 lives to complete your epic quest. Oh yes, and there’s prizes.

But there is more………… A game with fringe bonuses!  Give it a go….. Why not?

If you click on this link it will take readers to a special page!

About Drowning Monkeys Games

Drowning Monkeys Games was founded in 2010 by Josh Chudonvsky and Paul Duello, and launched its first title, Dungeon Crawlers, in 2012.  Drowning Monkeys Games is currently set to launch Castle Kong in 2020 and Freeport: The City of Adventure in 2021.
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