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AT SUNDOWN is an unusual action/arcade/adventure game. It mainly involves invisible movement using the WASD keys and combat, firing whatever weapon is currently held, by using the LMB and aiming by using a target sighter dot.

It can only be played solo if you run through the TRAINING Tutorial as it is meant to be a battle arena type game. Playing the Training mode allows you to complete many and various courses using a variety of pre-selected weapons. If you are good enough you can open different Training areas but you have to be able to get through the starter scenarios at speed and without continually dying [guess who dies consistently?].


Each course is shrouded in darkness with black walls constructing the labyrinth and light circles being spotlights where you get to see your character and to which you are aiming to reach so you know you are going in the correct direction. Across some of the passages there are thin red lines which are lasers, these will kill you if you amble through them but if you use the [Spacebar] and are close enough without actually touching the lasers then you can phase through (dodge).


Although At Sundown is not truly my sort of long term play game it is a bit of fun and quite amusing when you die. I enjoy the 'going dark' aspect and the hide-n-seek game played against online opposition but only for a short time, even if I am winning.

In fact apart from saying it is a short term fun game of Hide n Seek n Die there isn't a lot that I can add. It isn't greatly designed in characters, there is no empathy with the characters, it's all rather cold in a Wash, Rinse, Repeat style. There's nothing that compels me to want to play, even when I have time to spare and am looking for a quick fix of action. Yes, I do like the 'Play in the Dark' aspects, I actually think it's quite a clever idea, but it doesn't mean it's something I want to do regularly or even irregularly.


It's also not that I don't like AT SUNDOWN, it isn't a bad game and it isn't poorly produced, it just doesn't 'do it' for me personally. If you like combat arena, hunter kill, up to 4 player Deathmatch games then this could really be what you have been looking for, because the added 'invisible' movement makes it so different from any other game in this ilk I have seen. 

Using the regular WASD keys the movement is quite swift and fluid, in fact until you get the hang of it there is a strong possibility that you will go flying past rooms and corridors in the dark. To help me keep track I tried mentally counting as I moved from one lighted area to the next, this gave me some idea of how far and fast I was travelling. Then I applied this to moving in the dark and although it took a few tries to get it right I am now fairly confident where I am going to end up even when it is pitch black. Firing your weapon lights you up for a split second but that also gives the opposition a good chance to see you also - if you are close enough to an opponents when you fire, even if not at them specifically, both of you (or more) will be lit up by the flash from the weapon.


Easy action, easy controls, fast, illuminating (in places), aggressive (in a fun way), deadly and different combat areas, a good supply (eventually) of available weapons (some of which have additional points of interest such as flare firing pistols etc) and a means to swap weapons during the game and either before or after a battle - this is one of the things you have to figure out how to do by yourself, the tutorial being really basic and not going there.

You can find out about it here ( on the Steam page though to install it I had to use the DISCORD media which appears to be somewhat like a new rival games server to Steam and is just as easy to use after installing it. Many new games are coming through for DISCORD nowadays, though I don't really understand the need for another media carrier.


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