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Pegasus Spiele:  A Dirk Hillebrecht Game Based Around Hamburg’s


2-4 players aged 8 upwards, lasting around an hour per game. The German rules booklet has translations in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Polish.

In Knuffingen, Hamburg, there is an old warehouse district which houses the largest model railway ever built and a wonderland of miniature masterpieces. Beautiful buildings, created and designed to be exact duplicates of famous structures from all over the world.

The game board is a map of WUNDERLAND colour coded into 8 different sections, each of which has numbered photo-pic circles as movement and destination spaces.

The board and components are a prime example of eye catching excellence.

One of the 8 sections is Knuffingen which is the starting position of the player’s pieces (each player has 8 tokens), the other 7 sections have one specific space denoted where Holiday Postcards of the area can be obtained. 

WUNDERLAND is a family game that looks like a gamer’s game. Families will collect the Postcards and enjoy viewing the sights and sites on them. Gamers will be looking at the end game and will only go for Postcards if they are unlucky in their draw of Destination cards.

There is a novel idea for movement. The player whose turn it is can move as few or as many of their tokens from one space to another, 1 or 2  spaces away. Then in order of play the other players can decide if they want to move any of their tokens (from the same space) with the first player’s tokens - no dropping off on the way.

Players are trying to visit the places shown on the Destination cards they are dealt and  then those they draw as replacements for completion. The first player to complete 5 Destination cards stops the game immediately. The game may also be stopped if a player has collected at least one Postcard from each of the 7 sections.

Destination cards are scored as they are completed - on the score track - so only Postcards are scored at the end.  Destination cards have 2, 3 or 4 locations and score 15, 20 and 25 accordingly. 

Your game depends on how you move your tokens and whether the other players move in the direction you want to go. This has all a family game needs, a fair amount of luck, a little planning and  fun.

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