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Corné van Moorsel
TWEEET is a SWEEEET Battle of the Birds board game. There are two teams of birds - the Robins and the Bluethroats - who, as the season turns to Spring, are making their way south to the warmer weather and the nesting grounds.
On their way, to help them gain strength on the journey, they gather (and maybe eat) all manner of fruit, bugs and grubs.
This is a race game where it is not necessarily the first home who wins, unless there is something missing from the translation.
The ground over which the birds migrate is made up from strips of tiles which are overlaid with hexes. As the birds fly south the strips of land behind them are removed once there is a 3-strip gap behind the last bird. Similarly birds can see only (up to) 3 strips of land in front of them so when there are less than 3 strips ahead of the leading bird another strip or strips are added, until the final strip - with the nests - is added.
Birds of a feather nest together - this means that similar birds must end up in the same nest. To make this easier it is best if players in the same team (ie with the same bird type)  work together.
During play, as long as their birds are within range of each other on the board the players may discuss tactics and movement. If they get further apart then they have to make sqwarks and flap their arms to indicate what they would like each other to do.
On each strip of land there are pictures of the food types and as long as they are available in the supply miniatures of these are placed on these spaces as the tiles are laid. The pieces are fantastic. The birds are great but the fruit and bugs are even better.
Birds need food for energy and thus to fly. They fly from food space to food space and drop out of the race if they cannot reach the next space with food on it. They cannot spend (eat) the food before they collect it, so they need to count the spaces and eat as much food (change is given) as necessary, they cannot eat the food that is waiting for them.
Each of the foods has a value. eg. Nuts are only worth 1 so a bird can fly one space for each nut eaten. A mixture of food can be eaten, thus a bird eating a grub (4) and a Strawberry (3) can fly 7 spaces. Birds cannot fly over food spaces that have food on them, nor (this rule is a bit weird) can they fly over water hexes. 
The game ends when the last surviving bird nests safely. The winner is then the team who has the most food remaining per player - lost birds score -1 point but their player is still taken into account. eg.a team with 3 bird players that has 12 food left scores 12/3 = 4pts.
The pieces are great eye-candy and make you want to play, then the game itself grabs you and you want to play again.


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