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This is another fun game best served up to adults who have imbibed enough alcohol (or something) that they are not at the rude crude/violent stage but are in that wonderful merry moment where almost everything someone says or does is hilarious.

Of course if you have a family/group of players with a quirky (note kids that's 'quirky' not 'quirty') sense of humour then the cards themselves are enough to have you in stitches - no wait a moment, if you end up in stitches perhaps you should be playing the sister game TRUST ME I'M A DOCTOR (also from Jack Ford Morgan and Half-Monster Games).


Some of the Superheroes

There are three types of cards, each in separate decks easily identified by their coloured backs and their name type heavily printed on them. These decks are SUPER HEROES, POWERS and HELP!

Played in rounds TRUST ME I'M A SUPERHERO makes no pretence at having an amazingly new card game mechanic. Instead it is aimed directly at players who like 'Make Your Mind Up' games. Unlike many other games the cards offered to be chosen from are not delivered to the decider face down and shuffled so they don't know whose card/s are whose.

Each player shows their selected cards - a Superhero and a Power - face up and then verbally describes how that Super Hero can save the day by using their specific Super Power.

The decider can play King Maker if they wish, choosing someone who has won less cards and thus extending the length of the game, but to be fair to the game, no one really cares who wins, it's the fun aspect that entertains and so it is generally the funniest definition wins. 

 Some Super Powers

One player, henceforth called the Citizen, takes 3 cards from the HELP! deck, reads them, laughs, then selects one and discards the other two.

There are two types of HELP card. The first is for the single heroes to solve as already explained. The second is an 'All-In' card where the heroes have to describe how they would solve the problem with the assistance of the other Superheroes (semi cooperative as you still want your explanation to be the best).

The other players make themselves a hand of 5 Superhero and 5 Power cards. These players secretly select a Superhero and a Power then lay them face down. The Citizen calls for HELP! explaining to all listening intently what the emergency is. In turn the players flip over their Superhero and Power cards and go into a descriptive verbal explanation as to how their hero and his/her/their power can deal with the emergency.

The Citizen hears from all players and then decides whose Superhero is best suited for the job in hand. For example if the Citizen has lost the TV remote a Superhero with Laser Vision should be able to locate it quicker than a SH whose power is Mastication. But if SuperVision guy just says I'll use my supervision to find it that may be logical, but is it as game-winningly amusing as the SH with Mastication who says he will chew through walls, carpets and furniture until he discovers the remote, though if he goes too fast you may have to wait a while to retrieve it ....

TRUST ME I'M A SUPERHERO is a filler game for those moments when you need some light relief to dust off the cobwebs in your brain that have been forming while you have been engaged in cerebral opposition with your fellow players over a 120+ minute thinking-man's game.;This is a silly nonentity that requires the ability to a) Read b) Speak and c) Laugh; preferably all at the same time.

The copy I have is a First Edition basic set with 192 cards (72 of Superheroes and Powers plus 48 Call for Help cards). It has a strong, hinge-top box with a decorative inner and enough room to hold all cards safely - no room for any of the expansion sets/cards. It costs $29AUS which is pennies under £16.00 and roughly $22.50 USD.  (All prices on this page are approximate.)

The quality of the cards and box make this price a more than viable cost, but once you start to add in the expected 40 card expansion sets (that I have yet to see) you see the price rise to $49.00AUS ($38.00 USD / £27.00) for one expansion or $59.00AUS ($46.00 USD / £32.00) for both (great value for the currently complete game).


1. The rules say players have 5 + 5 cards each round but do not say whether they simply make their hands up to the starting 5+5 or whether all drawn cards are discarded and new 5+5 hands are dealt. We have played just taking 1+1 cards to make up the number and discarding all cards and redrawing 5+5 cards (shuffling the discards as needed) and either way works just as well. We now allow players to discard and draw as many cards as they want to at the end of a round (ie before hearing the next HELP!), again this makes no difference to the actual game except to give players possibly a little more control.

2. The rules say that the players select their Hero and Power before knowing the HELP! required. After playing via the rules 3-4 times for the review, we started to play by having the players select their heroes after the HELP! card had been read. This meant we could select better possibilities (sometimes) and create more explainable reasons why they should be chosen. Basically much more daft fun is had by all.

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