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SUSSED ? is a series of card games from UK games company Sussed Games

  £11.99 rrp

There are a myriad of games available that use a similar mechanic to SUSSED? This is when one player (let's call them the selector) chooses from a selection of probabilities and the other players have to determine which of the possibilities the selector chose.

Of course I am only explaining the basic mechanic. Each game has something within it that either makes it bland and easily forgotten or the X-factor that makes it popular. Take Apples to Apples for example. One player says outloud a Description and the other players select a card from their hands that they think is a good as match as possible to the Description. Then the Description player selects one of the Thing cards and whoever played it wins the point. That's the premise of the majority of this gentre of game; one selects, the others suggest, then one chooses.

SUSSED? WONDERLANDS falls into the section of 'should be popular'. It was launched in 2011 from publisher 'Games to Get' and has now been relaunched under the Sussedgames logo but is still associated with Games to Get Ltd and can be contacted at

In SUSSED WONDERLANDS players have to use their imaginations as both the Wonderlander (picker) and the Sussers (choosers). The questions on each card are braced as 'ifs'. If I were this and If I were to do that etc. The questions in Wonderlands are based around Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction and Superheroes.

For example: The Wonderlander reads one of the four questions from the card (each player is dealt one card and every time they are the Wonderlander - this changes after every question - they read another question from their card) and then secretly selects either answer A, answer B or answer C, choosing the one closest to how they would personally react or act. Of course it may occur that none of the answers suit you (as the Wonderlander) and that's when your imagination comes in, you have to choose one and sell it.

The Sussers have to guess A, B or C and write it on their score sheets. If they truly think they are correct they may also draw a circle around their choice. This will score them double points (6 instead of 3) if they are correct. The Wonderlander never scores points, even if all the Sussers guess wrongly. 

It is possible to discover things about your friends and family when the questions and answers suit the player. You may even discover things about yourself from your answers or your friends and family from theirs.

The Score pad notes the four questions on each card with icons: Hot Air Balloon, Unicorn, Planet and Flash. Each question equates to one of these symbols. It doesn't matter in which order the Wonderlander asks the questions on their card, all have to be asked before the game ends. If you wish you can continue to play by dealing a new card to each player or you can just start a new game and play it the same way.

The Way We Play:
The way we play this type of game is for as much fun as we can squeeze out of it. This usually means making the most unlikely choices and leaving it to the guessers (Sussers) to suss out whether we are being truthful or not. Playing it straight is fun but not as much fun as playing it for laughs in our opinion. We also like to reward the Wonderlander with 1 Bonus point per player/Susser if no one guesses correctly, but nothing if even one Susser is right. Example: 4 players are Sussers. None guesses correctly so Wonderlander gains 4 Bonus points. If just one of the four Sussers guessed roght then the Wonderlander gaets no BPs.

Many of the answers are often not appropriate to the person reading the question so we have found that making up our own answers is a lot more enjoyable. By not appropriate I mean that none of them make any sense regarding the Wonderlander at turn. Example (from card shown above): 
"What part am I more likely to play in a supervillain squad?"
A.  The Muscle
B.  The Schemer
C.  The Prankster
If I had that question most people would say the Prankster as I like joking around. But if my wife Fran had that question none of those options fit her demeanor or disposition. She would just have to say one for the sake of it, but deriving no joy from it and thus the point of the game - having fun - is lost.

Sometimes I think that we overthink games like this, but we do have a lot of fun with them. SUSSED? is one of the easiest to play and because of its numerous theme decks there is always something for every family member, and that makes it a good game to have available at a moment's notice. If you have a fun family and/or wacky friends then SUSSED Games are just great for spending cheerful times together.

SUSSED ? games include:  Most of these are available on Amazon Prime from just £7.64p
Wonderlands/Fantasy Silver
Daring Red
Mindful Green
Wacky Orange
Adult Edition: Vices & Virtues (gets rather saucy apparently - I haven't seen a copy but I have seen the advertising "
After Dark 2 (NSFW) - looked online but couldn't find After Dark 1 or an 'also known as' for it


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