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I believe that over the years I have proven that many games aimed at children - especially those from Zoch zum Spielen - have tactical and strategic possibilities for adults.

PIRATE ADVENTURE from AMIGO and designed by the great Wolfgang Kramer is definitely NOT one of those. It is an out and out Children’s game.  Actually the rules are laid out for two games, one for 5 year olds and up and one for 8 year olds and over. Both are for 2-4 players.

This is basically a race game between the player’s boats and the pirate ships. Players roll 2 dice and use one for their own ship and one for a pirate. 

Boats only move forwards and move on the ship-shaped spaces. There are two areas where the Players can move their ships round small island rivers to get them out of the way of the oncoming pirates. Pirates cannot use these outlets and must continue round the centre isle.

Pirates can capture player’s ships by landing on them or just passing them. With a good die roll they can capture more than one player’s ship in the same turn. 

The object of the game is to get the players ships to safety with the players working together. Yes, this is a player participation cooperation game.

Because the game-play and mechanics are so simple the game is ideal for youngsters to play. It is also a good game to introduce younger players to board games.

It is for 2-4 players and plays the same with 2, 3 or 4. It is bright, colourful and visually appealing so that it attracts and holds children’s attention. 

With a little help to begin with 7 year olds plus should be able to manage this without adult help.






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