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Shadi Torbey
This is a most unusual game. To begin with it is for either 1 or 2 players, and then the artwork by Élise Plessis is very avant-garde and modernistic.
The two versions are fundamentally the same with the main exception that instead of having a hand of 5 cards as in the one-player game, the two players have 3 cards each and there are 2 shared - as in Texas Hold’Em Poker.
Basically some of the cards are Doors, some are Labyrinth rooms, the others are Dreams/Nightmares or Relics. In the basic game there are only Nightmares and Relics do not come into play unless you are playing one of the expanded versions; 3 of which are with this game.
The game boils down to the players attempting to get through the Labyrinth by finding the correct doors and  then  playing a card and drawing a card. If they draw a Nightmare they have to resolve it - there are 3 ways - other cards are held and used later.
If enough Doors are discovered and found - just drawing one from the deck doesn’t count - the player is successful, but if the deck (time) expires then they lose. It’s a challenge but do many people now play solo card games that are not computerised ?
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