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Designed by Mindwarrior Games  and Published  by TACTIC of Finland

This is a 2 -player tactical game with a touch of strategy, bluff and luck.

Each game takes around 10 minutes to play but surprisingly there’s enough in it to make you want to turn around and play it again straightaway.

The players each have 6 Tokens and a 27 card deck. The board is a grid of 30 squares, 6 wide x 5 deep. The 6 spaces on opposite sides are red and runed. The idea is to move your Tokens across the board and land three of them in the opponent’s red squares.

The players shuffle their cards and take six as a hand. These are placed face up so that both players get a good view of them; then they are taken back and placed in whatever order the players wish face down - one for each square.

Taken turns, the players move one of their Tokens (these begin on the red squares) one space in any direction. Movement is always in any direction except when moving into the oppositions red square, then they may only move forward.

Moving onto an opponents Token causes a battle. The cards in the combat column are turned over and the highest wins the fight. The losing Token is removed but can come back into play. The used cards are replaced from the deck.

Each of the cards is named after a Norse God with Odin being the highest value (9) and the two Crows, Hugin & Munin, being worth zero. This latter card plus the (1) valued Loki have special abilities.

The skill  and bluff is in engineering the combat to take place in the column that best suits your purpose. The luck is in the draw of the cards.

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