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Brigitte Pokornik

This is a beautiful and simple game of visually matching cards that show butterflies with a subject card that shows an entirely different animal.

Up to 4 players aged from about six years upwards can play. 

The main piece of the game is a special mirror camera. You slide a subject card into this and you get to see half of the actual card and its reflection. These two same halves together form a single butterfly.

There are four butterfly cards per animal, one for each side as it is slotted into the mirror camera first. These butterfly cards are laid out in a face down grid. One player places a subject (animal) card into the mirror camera and then turns over a butterfly card hoping to match the subject card.

Play continues until all of the butterflies have been claimed.

This is truly beautiful. It is a gentle game  that you can leave young kids to play alone and they will happily play with it for ages, they just have to be careful with the mirror camera.

Adults playing without kids will not find much of a game, but it is an enjoyable party game for youngsters.





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