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KROKO TOGO is a kids game where quickness of hand-eye coordination counts.  There are 2 decks of cards, one (as seen above) shows various animals surrounded by red or green rings. The second deck show creations of different parts  of animals such as a Crocolion (crocodile and lion) or Gorillephant (work it out).  The cards in this second deck may also show a red or green (or both) bug..

Each player has a coloured wooden piece which they need to have ready and be quick to use.  The mixed animal cards are laid out face up in a 5 x 3 grid . The other cards are shuffled and placed face down in a stack. One of these is turned over and the players regard it then quickly place their wooden piece on one of the grid cards that match the requirements of the turned card - animals, colour of ring and/or bug etc

The game is similar to many other games except it utilises animals in place of colours. Players have to be quick as only one piece may be on each grid card. If the player has selected the right grid card they win it and the player who gets the most cards wins the game.

It is usual for Zoch to have a multi-lingual rules book but for once you need to find the English translation online instead of in the box.

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