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850 foam back pieces from Wrebbit

This is a fantastic Christmas present for lovers of Harry Potter, Jigsaws, and time consuming hobbies. I have started building it and it is a nightmare of fun to build, especially as the instructions are of little or no use, the pieces aren't numbered or marked either on the pieces themselves or in the construction pages, and you need somewhere with a fairly large space that you can leave it after each session. There isn't even a good colour photo of what it should look like - I guess that gives me leave to (re)design it myself (LOL!).

The foam backed jigsaw pieces have a plasticated front that depicts small (very small) parts of the building and they interlock like normal jigsaw pieces except that they stand up, allowing the edges of the foam to be seen. When you first put a 3D wall or tower etc together and can see the grey of the foam amongst the solid colour of the building it isn't that impressive, but as soon as you link a few parts together to form a fully composite three or four sided construction the grey foam simply fades into the scheme and doesn't look out of place at all.

Either before or as you go, remove ALL the pieces, no matter how large or small, that have RED dashes on them. These are not part of the puzzle, even if some of them look like they should be.

As I said, I have been constructing with this beast of a building set recently, and I have to flatten it out after each session due to space limitations. Below are a few photos of whatthe basic pieces look like. I need to take some more pics - I thought I had more than these, so please check back later.

From Puzzles & Games this costs around £33.00. It offers fantastic value for money as far as time required to complete it and the (eventual) finished product (I have seen one completed) is a wonderful sideboard or table-piece/talking point.





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