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An Adlung Spiele Card Game

Lorenz Kutsche

FLYING CARPETS or Fliegende Tappiche is a single deck card game from Adlung Spiele for 2-4 players aged 8+.  I was intrigued when I saw this at Spiel in Essen 2011 and watched several games as people stood around the elevated table intense and concentrating yet having a great laugh at the same time.

The basics take you right back to your days at school when cigarette card games were all the rage because the main mechanic / skill of this game is being able to wrist flick playing cards from your hand and land them on top of other pre-laid out cards.

In this manner the players attempt to capture treasures by landing their Carpets on top (underneath or next to doesn’t count) of the treasures. Obviously there are going to be times when more than one card lands on a treasure and in these cases a showdown is called for. Players have Genie cards valued 1-8 - see how the Genies grow as their value increases -   for the showdown with the players secretly selecting one of their Genies and then simultaneously flipping them over to reveal the value - the highest card wins the showdown. The winner gives his card to the player who showed the lowest card and vice versa with all other players retaining the cards they played.

The game plays over as many rounds as there are players (except it doubles if only 2 players)  and then the scoring begins, counting the cards, treasure and otherwise, that you have won according to the rules in the booklet.

As you are playing from a text based booklet of just a few pages of rules there are no illustrated examples of play so it may take a little thought and try-out to fully understand how the game is set up to start each round. Once you have this though the game plays like a whirling sandstorm







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