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Takes 20-30 minutes to play.   Players 2-10 aged 8+ 

There is a suitable amount of components for 2-10 players, with split rules that cover playing with 2-5 and then for 6+ players.

Each player is given a gameboard which has one side showing the alien life-forms (they can be seen below) on one side and geometric shapes on the other side. These shapes are for use by younger players or for a quicker game.

The game is about capturing all the aliens/shapes on your gameboard and it’s a wild ride of die rolling and fun.

One player begins as the alien hunter and is given the die marked with shapes and the marker pen. They roll the Shape die and mark off all the aliens on their board that are encased or designed in the shape shown on the die. After rolling and marking they can roll the die again, marking off the aliens with the new shape shown.

While this is occurring, at exactly the same time, one of the other players is shaking the alien die in its egg. This has one alien head and 5 blank faces. As soon as the Alien Head appears as the result this player takes the marker pen and the Shape die and starts to roll and mark on his board.

The next player has the Egg/die and continues to try to roll the Alien Head.

Play continues around the table in this fashion until one player has completed his gameboard having marked off all of the aliens shown on it.  When played with six or more players the other components come into play. These are another Shape die, another Marker and another Egg-die.

When using the Alien Pen on the gameboards it is crucial that each alien is circled so that it is totally clear that it has been located and marked.

The game is called “Shake n Take” because you “Shake” the Alien Die and “Take” the Alien Marker pen.

OUT of the BOX  are renown for their family games such as “APPLES to APPLES” and this is another family game that should have become very popular, but for some reason isn't quite as successful as the aformentioned game.



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