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ABACUS SPIELE  Michael Schacht


One of Abacus Spiele’s best games, Zooloretto, just got better and bigger.

Exotic is an expansion for this excellent tile laying game but although it is in quite a large box it is not a stand-alone game, it is literally a natural extension.

After the expansions XXL which increases the birth of babies and gives players a harder time placing their animals, even to the point of having to sell them of to other Zoos, and BOSS which introduces Charity Donations and co-workers comes the Exotic Jungle and an amazing selection of the fabulous animals that live there.

Now your Zoo can entice more visitors by having such creatures as the South American Pygmy Anteater and Scarlet Macaw, the European Bat, the Australasian Koala Bear and Emerald Tree Monitor, the Sumatran Orangutan, the African Baboon and the Asian Smooth Snake.

Because of their natural requirements these Jungle animals may only be placed on the Jungle board that comes with the exotic boxed set.  The Yellow visitors and the Yellow Bonus Tile remains in the box unless you are using the XXL expansion as well.

EXOTIC gives you 40 Visitors (meeples in different colours) 5 Jungle boards, 5 Visitor bonus tiles and 16 (2 of each) jungle animal tiles.

The colour of the Visitors applies to various new  and old aspects of the game. For example, visitors that match the colour of a vendor’s stall are moved forward along the pathway; other times visitors may be moved backwards. 

ZOOLORETTO is one of those games that is easy on the eye, easy to play and a lot of fun. It requires some thought and skill and very little luck.





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