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A Kids Game from Ravensburger
Dragi is a little dragon who, like his friends (who are also little dragons) wants to be able to breathe fire like the larger dragons can.
To do this Dragi and his friends head off to the Volcano where there is a floating fireball just waiting for them to practice with.
The game plays with 2, 3 or 4 children, even one child on their own can have fun with Dragi Drache.
In its own way Dragi Drache is like a variation on the old favourite, Blow Football. The board is set into  the game box and divided into six sections using the card dividers and the Volcano mechanism (which requires batteries - not provided).
The little Dragons need to eat special food to be able to breathe fire and each dragon requires a different fruit. In the sections can be found be found all the different fruits.
Each player has their own Dragon Board in their favourite colour. The players are trying to collect the fruit of their colour and to do this they need to blow the Fireball into the regions where their fruit lies.
There are a few obstacles that prevent the Fireball from flying straight and landing safely, all of which adds to the fun.
This is for players aged 4-99 - I’m not sure why over 99s aren’t allowed to play but under 4s might eat the Fireball or chew the fruit chips. It’s fun and it adds to the growing collection of kids games where blowing is the main mechanic.
I would have thought that being for children the components for the dragons and the fruit would have been plastic miniatures (like those Cwali use in Tweeet!) rather than just flat card counters. 
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