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By now everyone should have at least heard about FLUXX, and hopefully many, if not all, players will have at least one copy of it - especially there are lots to choose from, all with different themes. 

LOONEYLABS have already surprised everyone with games for such huge franchises as MONTY PYTHON and WIZARD of OZ, but now they have pulled off a master stroke with this game based around H.P.Lovecraft’s CALL of CTHULHU and developed by game guru Keith Baker. 

CTHULHU FLUXX isn’t just FLUXX with CTHULHU based cards, it’s Fluxx as we already know it, plus NEW RULES CARDS , Ungoal and the Meta Rule (I’m not so sure about the latter as it’s a game winner that determines a winner simply because this card is in their hand - plus of course the situation whereby the players are all about to lose because of Doom (I am assuming that Doom is the game’s version of Insanity).

CTHULHU Fluxx also includes all the usual cards, Goals, Keepers, Action and Creepers, plus Surprise, Ungoal and the Meta Rule (only one of these) Doom and Anti-Doom.

DOOM: This Icon can be found on various cards. If there are 6 or more Doom points on the table it is likely that Cthulhu wins and the players are Doomed - they get eaten or go insane. Either way they lose.

One side of the Rules sheet is virtually taken up completely with FAQs. This is because as Fluxx grows and expands there are a lot of card combinations that could cause conflicts if official decisions weren’t made.

The Creeper card, HASTUR, is an extra card - $1.00 from LooneyLabs. It adds yet another fun element to the game, the verbally spoken WORD.   Cthulhu Fluxx is a Keeper.

Although it is difficult to suggest that there could ever be a serious game of FLUXX, this is possibly the closest to that becoming fact. Fluxx cards are generally comedic but apart from the cute Cat this is Cthulhu as Call of Cthulhu fans would appreciate seeing it.






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