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The Rivals of Catan non-collectible (thank goodness) is growing again with this second expansion of 125 cards and Ship Tokens. Although it is non-collectible it is personally expandable as you can make your own cards by going to the website:
You will, of course, need a copy of the Rivals of Catan card game, either the original version or the revised version, to be able to use the cards from the Age of Enlightenment.
The Age of Enlightenment is a real expansion, not just a new set of cards that can be used to replace previous cards. These are new cards, of course, but it is the rules that accompany the new cards which make this a superb way to grow the game and continue to make it new and exciting each time you play it.
The new cards include Metropolises, Marker cards and  Sea cards. In the Rivals of Catan there was a location called Gold Cache. This has now been reclassified for placement purposes as a Region expansion.
Region expansions are governed by their type (it’s all on the card) as to where they can be placed, or at least to which cards they can be adjacent to. The new Region expansion cards are buildings, units  or extraordinary sites.
Marker cards are used to indicate a player’s status in certain areas, they aren’t what could be classed as regular expansions.  Metropolises are City upgrades with the Explorer Metropolis assisting the city beneath them to an additional 2 VPs.  AoE also introduces new symbols, such as Cannon Points (needed to fight off pirates) and Sail points (assisting explorer ships) etc.
There are 3 Theme Sets: The Eras of -
Explorers: 10 cards (5 types 2 of each)
Sages: 12 cards (6 types x 2 each).
Prosperity: 9 cards (multi - various).
Within each of these sets there are also Region Expansions, Sea cards, Settlement/City Expansions, Marker cards and Event cards. 
Brilliantly alters the perspective for regular players of this excellent 2 player game.
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