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BANG!: Gold Rush is, as you will have guessed,  an expansion to daVinci’s excellent multi-player  interactive wild west card game.

It is not the first expansion for BANG! and as such it has been well scrutinised online as to its value to the overall game.

One of the questions being asked is about the cost - £19.99 - and I have to say that this is quite expensive for 33 cards and 30 pieces of plastic.

So with the components not being value for money it is up to the rules to make those same components of value to the game, and thus at the turn-around, value for money.

To begin with there are 8 new characters, all 4 bullets, 6 of which are specific to the Gold. The majority of the other cards require the rules from the main game (that may seem obvious as this is an expansion, but what I mean is you cannot activate them without referring to the main rules).

GOLD RUSH adds two variations to the main game. The first is obviously the Gold. You collect a Gold Nugget whenever you cause damage to an opponent and you spend Gold to buy any of the face-up cards which have a sale value.

The second is the Shadow-Gunslinger card. If your character dies, instead of being out of the game you come back each turn as a Shadow character - Renegade, Outlaw or Deputy. You get cards to use in your turn, each turn, but at the end of your turn you “die” again and lose any unused cards. The characters from the Gold Rush expansion are balanced for Shadow Play (thanks Rory).

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