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BANG's 10th Anniversary was in 2012 which means it's now time for its 20th anniversary.

So it's also now time to revisit the 10th anniversary of this superb multi-player game

BANG!  10th Anniversary Box

This is a Limited Edition version of daVinci’s most popular card game. It comes in a metal box which, although it’s a shame to do so, if you take the moulded, velvetine, inner out of will hold the majority of your BANG! cards including the expansion set cards.

It is for 4 - 7 players and includes 26 characters, 7 character boards, 7 summary cards, 80 game cards and 30 wooden bullets (3D wooden pieces as opposed to the regular oval card counters).

The characters have 7 different roles 1 x Sheriff, 2 x Deputy, 3 x Outlaw and 1 Renegade but the playing boards are non-descriptive. The main characters have 4 Bullets (“lives”) each. Then there are the cards that are from the expansions and promotions. These range from Big Spencer with 9 bullets to Pixie Pete with just 3 lives.

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary there is a totally new character, at the moment - as far as I know - only available (as in “unique”) to this boxed set. She is ANNIE VERSARY and has 4 Bullets and the ability to use any card as a BANG! 

From Dodge City there is Apache Kid, Chuck Wengam, Jose Delgado and the aforementioned Pixie Pete. 

Big Spencer (an obvious impression of the great Bud Spencer)  is from the Wild West expansion, as is Youl Grinner. Madam Yto arrives from Gold Rush and from the Czech expansion Valley of Shadows come Colorado Bill and Henry Block.

This game is exactly as the original BANG! and the rules book reflects this. It will take in the expansions though the above cards should be removed when necessary, ie when there is the possibility of identical characters coming into play.

This is an excellent set to buy as a starter set or for a present for a games playing friend.


BANG! The original game arrives in 2002

HIGH NOON: 13 scenario cards are added in 2003.

DODGE CITY: 15 new characters and 40 additional play cards. 2004

A FISTFUL of CARDS: 2005 and 15 new scenario cards. Also in the same year the 2-player board game FACE OFF appears.

WILD WEST SHOW: 2010 sees an added comedic element with parody characters Flint Westwood, Big Spencer, Lee Van Kliff, Youl Grinner, John Pain, Greygory Deck, Gary Looter and Teren Kill along with cards like Darling Valentine, Lady Rose of Texas and Miss Susanna




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