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Yupitergrad gets new updates with additional Time Attack levels and a free version called Sneaki Peaki!

Just when you thought space plumbing couldn't get any better, Gamedust announces two free updates for their acclaimed game Yupitergrad – both coming in April with the free version of the game!

Yupitergrad is a stylized and unique looking single-player, dieselpunk in space VR game, which was very well received by users and reviewers. The game received over 200 positive reviews on Oculus Shop and it's one of the top-scored games on the whole platform with an average of 4,8/5. Also, after 35 reviews its average score on vrgamecritic is 75/100.

The game is about to get even better thanks to the Quality of Life and Next Challenges updates that are planned to be released next month for PC and Oculus players, completely for free. Update for the PlayStatation VR version will be released soon after. But it's not the end of good news – a free, standalone version of the game is also coming in April. Yupitergrad: Sneaki Peaki will include selected Time Attack levels and a short version of the tutorial for the folks who would like to try space swinging before buying the full experience.

Now these guys know how to party!   Life of Boris

The Quality of Life update will introduce some additional improvements i.a. revamped UI, player height adjustments and platform specific tweaks like achievements on Steam. It will be followed by Next Challenges update with 10 new, completely free Time Attack levels with new obstacles and additional pumping tracks. And somewhere around those two updates, developers are planning on releasing the Sneaki Peaki free version of the game for SideQuest and Steam, so stay tuned! In addition, fans of the game will be able to buy on Steam the Yupitergrad soundtrack soon. Isn't that slavtastic?

It’s fun from beginning to end, light-hearted, challenging and the swinging mechanics combined with the environmental puzzles are a treat.

The VR Grid

So, dear Comrades – here is what you can expect in the Quality of Life update:

And in Next Challenges update update

Do your duty for the Motherland and check Yupitergrad out.

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