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Just a quick email to alert you to the latest (and free) DLC for the incredibly popular Youtubers Life, available across PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

The new Fashion Channel DLC opens up a stack of new content, and launches with a brand new trailer to boot featuring a whole host of popular YouTubers from across the US and Europe -

Influencers Worldwide Join Forces in Brand New Youtubers Life Trailer Unveiling Fresh DLC!

Hit the catwalk with the new Fashion Channel to become the next top model

Check out the brand new celebration trailer here -

Madrid, Spain - Friday 8th November, 2019: Fashionistas across the world, brace yourselves: Raiser Games and U-Play Online can reveal that a brand new, free stack of DLC is now available on Youtubers Life on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, opening up the catwalk to the game’s legions of fans around the globe.

Having featured in more than 50,000 videos made by 20,000 different influencers - and amassing more than 150 million views in the process - the Youtubers Life journey continues, with the new Fashion Channel serving as developer U-Play Online’s way of thanking the game’s loyal fanbase.

And what better way to showcase the new Fashion Channel DLC than to bring together some of the most popular influencers from across Germany, Spain, the USA, and the UK - including the likes of Fixx, Perxitaa, Willyrex, Fargan, Kwebbelkop, LegitGamingGR, and Mess Yourself - to feature in a brand new trailer.

You can check out that trailer here!

The Fashion Channel offers players new ways to create content for their channels: from creating their own look, to tailoring any aspect of their everyday lives. As soon as their popularity rises accordingly, players will get invited to exclusive events where they will meet some of the world’s hottest celebrities. Will you become the world’s next big fashionista?

In Youtubers Life Fashion Channel DLC you can: -

Feel free to download Youtuber Life assets from this link:

Check out the brand new celebration trailer here:

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