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Andrew Harman is just putting the finishing touches to the rules for a brand new game, CONNECTING LONDON, in association with with Gibsons Games.

Connecting London is a really simple jigsaw race game across Zone 1 of the London Underground. 2-6 players in about 20 minutes. The really exciting thing for me is that this is the first Andrew Harman game to have not been first published by YAY games and marks the 4th level of development in my cunning (bt slow) take over of the world.

Step 1 was get YAY Games up and publishing my games.
Step 2 was get YAY Games up and publishing other people's games which happened with The Gruffalo inspired 'Games from the Deep, Dark Wood' along with Brett J Glibert, Tony Boydell and myself.
Step 3 was to get YAY Games published in other countries. Ominoes is 'Rolling Tides' in the US from Simply Fun and 'Kostky Bohu' in the Czech Republich from Albi and 'Zamki z Piasku' is Sandcastles from Trefl in Poland.
Step 4 was to get Andrew Harman publishing games through other publishers that haven't been through YAY first. And now 'Connecting London' is due out in January. Six months later than planned due to a strange pandemic thing.

I'll share more about 'Connecting London' when I can.....soon dear people....soon.
Oh and there are lots more VERY exciting games in development which will be looked at very soon.




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