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WARNING - Wyvern's Lair Closing Soon

The Clock is Ticking

20th April 2017 (midnight BST) will be the time submissions for the 2017 UK Games Expo Wyvern's Lair closes - there will be no exceptions. This gives you just over 5 days to get your submission to Mick.

Your submission time is the time your email arrived in my inbox.

Some Points to Consider 
* We need your submission early so our judges can sift candidates down to only twelve finalists. 
* You can submit more than one entry to the event, but no candidate will have more than one game in the final.

Present your submission wisely: 
We need a submission that is concise, has useful information to help the judges make a decision and one that sells your game concept, remember this is a competition. The ideal submission will have:

▪ A piece of artwork (one main piece or a couple of smaller images)
▪ A description of your game, including: number of players, age range suitable for, suggested length of time a game may take, type of game (if not obvious).
▪ Your contact details - name, email and/or phone number. If you have a website for your game then you could include that.

Submissions must be in either Word or PDF - I cannot open Mac 'Pages', or the Martian spreadsheet programme 'Marxcel'.

Keep your submission 'tight' and think carefully about what you want to tell the judges, they make the decisions, we oversee the process.

Oh, and you must be at Expo on Saturday 3rd June, just in case you are a finalist. We will announce finalists if they are successful. We may not be able to notify all losing finalists, but hopefully we can.

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