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it's time to go walking in a winter Wonderland... Alice in Wonderland Fluxx, that is! This deck features the classic black and white original artwork by John Tenniel, plus a few illustrations by our very own Andrew Looney. You can learn more about that process in his blog article.

This version of Fluxx also features some fun new cards, such as the Jabberwock Creeper that eats one of your Keepers before moving on, the Rhyme Time New Rule that rewards players for speaking in rhyme, and five theme-related Actions, including Curiouser and Curiouser, which can potentially bring out several more Actions and/or Surprises, and Clean Cup, which requires everyone to change seats, taking their hand, but not their Keepers and Creepers with them.

This Wonderland Fluxx deck was a special "short run," meaning that we printed a limited amount and we might not ever print any more. Our retailers and distributors are fully stocked today, but we only have 500 left ourselves, so our distributors can't buy more when they run out. If you want this in your collection, you should get a copy from your favorite game store this holiday season while it is readily available. 

Plus, we've got a special promo card called "Mock Turtle" that works best in Wonderland Fluxx, but can also be added to any Fluxx game that has an animal in it (and there are a surprising number of such decks!). The Mock Turtle will be our giveaway at a few trade shows in 2022 and should be available in our webstore for several years to come, so there's no big rush to grab that one - sorry it arrived after we started selling Wonderland Fluxx!

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