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All the Cool Witches are Celebrating!

Witchstone is shipping!

One of the most anticipated releases of 2021 is now ready to go!

Designed in collaboration by Reiner Knizia & Martino Chiacchiera, Witchstone offers a brilliant mix of worker placement and engine building - in a big-box game.

"...I am completely hooked. [Witchstone] incites a combo-induced euphoria that just gets better as the rounds go on!"
Danielle (dmax) Board Games

"...Through the power of game-design magic.... there's lots of different things that connect - in a fascinating way!" W. Eric Martin - BGG

BUT, we only have limited quantities (due to recent shipping challenges).

Get your copy of Witchstone Here!

The Story of Witchstone

Surrounded by a supernatural energy field, the Witchstone is said to be the source of power for all witches and wizards. And they know that
every 100 years, this power begins to diminish.

This is why the most prominent witches and wizards make the trek to gather round the Witchstone, and fight to rejuvenate its power.

This moment, this crucial attempt to restore balance, is the essence of the game.

Fire-up your cauldron Here!


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