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It’s a golly gee good day for a brand new game announcement. A mighty fine massively multiplayer RTS by the name of Win That War! dropped on Steam for Windows PC and boy is it fun!


Indie Dev Insane Unity Puts Thousands of Players at the Heart of a Fierce Galactic War

Rennes, France (May 17, 2017) - Independant French developer Insane Unity is excited to announce that their breakout title, Win That War! — a retro-futuristic real-time-strategy (RTS) game with a massively multiplayer online campaign where thousands of players battle for planet-scale dominion — is now available on Steam for Windows PC! Players can ready their futuristic weapons of war and embark on faction-based galactic conquest, alone, with friends or with (and against) the whole world.

French indie team Insane Unity has created a retro-futuristic RTS where thousands of players battle for ownership of alien planets ripe with untapped resources. It’s year 1020 of the Galactic Era, and the galaxy’s three biggest conglomerates want as many pieces of the intergalactic pie as they can get. 

Win That War! is a high-stakes large-scale RTS where players take over planets in the name of their factions using futuristic weapons and structures, besting their opponents and claiming natural alien resources to further develop their armies. It’s out of this world and you should definitely check it out!

If you would like Steam preview code for Win That War! on Windows PC, give us a holler and we’ll make you right as rain. 

Don’t miss the latest gameplay trailer focusing on Win That War!’s PVE mode:

 It’s year 1023 of the Galactic Era. Bold explorers discover a new planetary system among the stars, confirmed to house extremely rare and untapped resources. This immediately prompts the greatest economic powers of the galaxy to dispatch their most skilled envoys to make claim to the alien worlds. This is where your – and many others’ – journey begins.

Win That War! is an RTS which immerses players in the heart of a galactic war fought by three power-hungry conglomerates — Nasca, Atlas, and Jet Blum. This conflict takes shape in a massively multiplayer planetary campaign, allowing players to fight by the thousands on unexplored planets, staking claim to territories by building powerful structures that siphon planetary resources and growing armies. If you agree to join one of the three mega-corporations, you will have to prove your worth on the battlefield by combining strategy, dexterity and a little panache.

Key Features of Win That War!:

Currently an Early Access title on Steam, post-launch, Insane Unity already has three months of carefully considered new content and features planned for Win That War!. Upcoming content includes new biomes, additional maps, online quests, new structures and units and a vast player skill tree. Each new update expands Win That War!’s single, multiplayer and Galactic Campaign modes. Win That War! features an innovative multiplayer networking system which allows for thousands of players to take part in the Galactic Campaign concurrently. Each conquerable planet is divided into hundreds of territories, where up to nine players can dispute a territory at the same time as thousands of others. 

Win That War! is available for purchase on Steam for $19.99
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