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Robot Design Contest extended until August 16th!

Many thanks to Vincent, Malte and Bjarne for the permission to showcase their robot designs.

Many amazing robot designs already made their way to us, from creators of all ages. And we really crave for more of those. We just extended our VOLT contest, as requested. So you have the time to send us YOUR very own vision of a robot.


It´s easier than you might think

Draw a sketch, edit a picture, build something with household items, or make a blueprint, whatever is easiest for you works. We just need to understand how your robot should look like and what is special about it.

The Main Prize

Should your robot be chosen as the winner of our contest, we will send a sculpted 3D plastic miniature of your robot and an English copy of VOLT to you. Eventually your robot might become a published new playable character for VOLT.


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