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Playing through the vampire crypt: In “The Villa of the Vampires”, supernatural dexterity is required Berlin, spring 2022. Every hundred years or so, the great vampire festival takes place in the abandoned villa. While the older vampires are still slumbering calmly in their coffins, the child vampires are already playing crazy. "The Villa of the Vampires" is a gruesomely beautiful novelty from "Drei Magier" and can be played by two to four people aged 5 and over. Whoever has collected the most vampire points at the end wins the game. Let's go to the lively tuber-rolling!

In the villa of the vampires things are fast again. The players slip into the role of the little child vampires and try to use the 
three vampire bats to play the stinking garlic bulbs in the matching graves of the villa in order to wake up the old vampires 
in their graves in time for the big vampire festival. Because the acrid stench can quickly resurrect even the most tired 
bloodsucker. But where exactly are the well-heeled vampires hiding, which bring the most vampire points? 
In the rectangular tombstones are mostly the vampires, which do not bring as many vampire points. In the back of the villa, 
in the expensive coffins of the aristocracy, the well-heeled vampires spend the night. But watch out, the brain cells of the 
gamers are challenged here: because the vampires are hidden. With a little luck and skill, the tubers must be transported to
the desired burial chambers over the length of an hourglass.
The game ends as soon as the end of the game cannot completely fill all graves with tombstones while preparing for the 
next round. Everyone now jointly uncover the collected tombstones and start counting the vampire points. First will be 
counted all the garlic bulbs on your own tombstones.  
Whoever has collected the most garlic receives Graf Knolle as a reward and thus valuable extra points. In the event of a tie,
several children receive the full number of Graf Knolle points.  
Whoever has accumulated the most vampire points in total receives the honorable award of the highest chief vampire and 
wins the game. Type: Skill game | Publisher: Schmidt Spiele | Players: 2-5 | Age: from 5 years | Time: 20 minutes | Price: € 42.99




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