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Valheim soundtrack now available on Spotify and Steam 

Experience the atmosphere of the Norse afterlife on the go with Valheim’s 20-track original soundtrack, now available to stream on Spotify and own on Steam! 

SKÖVDE, Sweden – October 29th, 2021: Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio have released the Valheim Official Soundtrack, available to stream free on Spotify and purchase on Steam for $7.99. 

Composed by Swedish-Australian composer Patrik Jarlestam the 20-track OST is performed by Patrik Jarlestam (Guitars, Bases, Percussion), Philippa Murphy-Haste (Clarinet, Viola), Jenean Lee (Cello) and Michael H Dixon (French Horn). The original soundtrack features all 18 of the original tracks from Valheim’s early access launch, as well as two additional bonus tracks from the game’s release and cinematic trailers created by Ghostwood Empire.  

The soundtrack was universally acclaimed when Valheim first launched into early access,  with many suspecting it to be inspired by the norse God of poetry Bragi himself. Accompanying adventurers on an atmospheric journey through a mythical Viking purgatory full of life and legends,  the soundtrack brought the game’s unique landscape and biomes to life.  

Now free to stream on Spotify or purchase on Steam, Vikings can finally enjoy the atmosphere of the afterlife and relive their most epic battles and bountiful feasts – without needing to be confined to Valheim’s purgatory. 

From the mellow melodies of ‘The Meadows’ to the almighty metal strings of “Eikthyr rides” or the howling winds of “The Mountains – High Territory”, the Valheim OST is the perfect accompaniment to a long journey in the real world or over a mug of mead with friends, transporting Vikings back to a land filled with wonder to relive the adventures they’ve experienced. 

Soundtrack List

1.    Welcome to Valheim – Menu theme – 3:38

2.    Flight into Valheim – 1:40

3.    The Meadows – A place to rest – 3:40

4.    Home – A place to enjoy – 3:04

5.    Dawn arrives – 0:33

6.    Dusk sends its veil – 0:45

7.    Eikthyr rides – 2:52

8.    Black Forest – The darkness – 3:25

9.    The Forest Crypt – 4:24

10.  The Forest is moving – 5:54

11.  Elder Awakens – 2:16

12.  Out for a sailing adventure – 4:33 

13.  The Plains – Farmstead – 2:56

14.  Bonemass Defiles – 2:10

15.  The Swamps – Sunken Water – 5:09

16.  The Mountains – High Territory – 4:01

17.  Moder Protects – 2:03

18.  Yagluth Reigns – 2:03

19.  Deya Saga (Ghostwood Empire) – 2:22

20.  Hearth and Home (Ghostwood Empire) – 1:47

“We are very proud of the soundtrack that Patrick created.  It perfectly captures the spirit of Valheim and has given our community so many memories filled with atmosphere, beauty and excitement” said Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate. “It’s wonderful to be able to release it out to the wider world and give our loyal Vikings an opportunity to take those memories with them wherever they might be.” 

Albert Säfström, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing added: “The atmosphere of Valheim has captured the hearts of players since it launched into early access, and the soundtrack has been a major part of building such an immersive world. Free to stream or purchase on Steam to keep forever, we hope Vikings can relive their many adventures and use the soundtrack to inspire their (lawful) exploits in real life! Skål!” 

Valheim soundtrack is available to stream on Spotify and is available to purchase for $7.99 on Steam.

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