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If you're putting together a wish list of games to play in the new year, make sure to keep an eye on Unavowed -- Wadjet Eye Games will release this urban fantasy adventure for Windows in 2018, and we're spinning up the PR machine with the game's first trailer!


With dark forces hell-bent on destroying New York City, it's always been up to the Unavowed to keep the evil in check. For centuries this supernatural squad has quietly protected humanity by driving hungry demons back into the shadows. But something has changed. Their age-old methods are no longer working. New blood is required to protect the mundane world from a threat stronger than any these crime fighters have faced -- and that's where you come in.

Taking inspiration from story-heavy RPGs like Dragon Age while staying true to Wadjet Eye's point-and-click roots, Unavowed is an ambitious evolution for the developer of the Blackwell mystery series and publisher of Gemini Rue, Technobabylon, and other acclaimed indie adventures. We'll have a lot more to say leading up to launch, but here are a few choice tidbits to get you excited:

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