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Summer! Which typically means it's raining as we prepare this week's newsletter. We're hoping for better weather next week as Triple Ace Games and Green Ronin are joining forces for a day. Not only has Wiggy just creaked past 50, but Chris Pramas is about to hit that milestone and is popping up to Shetland for a few days.

UK Games Expo Report
Wow! UK Games Expo is always a great convention, but this year was fantastic! From start to finish, the stand was heaving with gamers keen to try out and buy our games.

Our latest offering, Dwarven Beerfest, proved so popular it sold out on Saturday afternoon. Don't panic if you didn't grab a copy, it will be coming back soon.

It wasn't just the new that was popular, as all our stock of Rocket Race, Halfling Feast, and Cadaver went before the show ended. Old friends were met again, new friends made, and voices cracked.


A huge thanks to all our helpers for their hard work over the event.

Just a reminder that until 9th June 2019, all PDFs (except Guide to Cumbria, which is brand new) at DriveThruRPG are 50% off! Yep, that even includes already heavily discounted TAG@Ten bundles


Wig's 50th Birthday Sale Ending Soon

If you haven't yet obtained a copy of EXPLORIANA you are truly missing out on a great fun, push your luck, game

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