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The summer is here (unless you're in the southern hemisphere, of course). The days may be getting shorter, but they're also getting warmer. August also means it is time for GenCon.

TAG can't be there this year, but that doesn't mean we don't have something special planned for this month. For those interested in our products, Studio 2 Publishing carry our full range. You can find them at booths 1929 and 2029.


Last week we announced that we were going to release a new All for Onesupplement - Satan's Playground. This week, we've managed to persuade Wiggy to leave his writing pit for a few minutes and tell us a little more about the project.

Why the Thirty Years' War? 
The year 1636 was chosen deliberately as the starting point of All for One. Obviously it meant we could use Cardinal Richelieu and the King's Musketeers, but it was also the time when France entered one of the bloodiest conflicts in the world.

Germany (and neighboring lands) was ripped apart by the war. The fighting was bad enough, but there was widespread famine and disease, economic strife, witch hunts, and marauding armies looking for food and loot in equal measure. Mankind didn't need fictional monsters to fuel his hatred during the War, but it's a perfect era for them to make an appearance.

Woodcut teaser 2    Woodcut teaser 1

What's with the art? 
I've always been a fan of the woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer. His style is a century earlier than the AFO timeline, but I've always wanted to use it in a project. As blind luck would have, I came across a brilliant artist already proficient in that style.

Will there be stretch goals? 
The plan is currently for two stretch goals. First, a GM's screen, which will cover All for One: Regime Diabolique and Satan's Playground. Second, a set of d6 featuring a fleur-de-lys on three sides and blanks on the other free.

Will there be a Savage Worlds version? 
The plan is for a Ubiquity setting first. When that project funds, we'll definitely be looking at Savage Worlds later in the year.


The Ubiquity version will be coming to Kickstarter in late August!

IPMS Avon Show


Rob and Dave, the creators of Ironclads, will be attending the annual 27th International Plastic Modellers Society Avon Show on Sunday 13th August. Join the demo games and engage your fleets of fighters, destroyers, cruisers, and battleships in a battle to control the aether!

IMG 1460

The show is being held at the Thornbury Leisure Centre, north of Bristol, where there will be over 2,300 sq.m. of display space spread over three large, well lit halls. There is also ample free parking for participants and visitors alike.



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