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Summer is here! The temperatures are rising, convention season is in full swing, and TAG has a new award on its trophy shelf. The World Cup starts soon, which we know isn't a big deal for many of you. Don't worry - we have a new product to distract you from the football!

Even better, we've got a TAG web store discount code just for newsletter subscribers. The code (tag2018) gives you a 25% discount. It is one-use only, but it's valid to the end of July 2018.

Guide to Wicked Science Released

Crackling coils, steaming vats, dismembered corpses, & deformed henchmen. Welcome to wicked science!

From the crazed doctor seeking to build a new and improved human from parts of corpses to the insane engineer who wants to transplant human brains into mechanical constructs, there are plenty of scientists whose work transcends not only mundane science but is utterly immoral.

This supplement explores the world of wicked scientists.

Inside you’ll discover what drives their madness, how to best use the Refuge Resource, learn how wicked scientists use Lair Points to give them an Edge, unearth the various minions at their disposal, and read the background of sample wicked scientists whose dastardly plans the globetrotters must unravel.

Compatible with Hollow Earth Expedition.

Available from RPGnow in print and PDF formats.

Hellfrost City Book 6

Hellfrost City Book 6

Getting for UK Games Expo meant a delay in producing the maps for Hellfrost City Book 6: Cities of Trade, but we're almost ready to put the book together and release it.

Until the end of June you can still pre-order the physical book at the price of $12.99 and claim your complimentary PDF. After that, the price goes up and the PDF is a separate item

Ghost Writer

From the warped imagination of renowned RPG author and long-time TAG friend Walt Ciechanowski comes a spine-tingling adventure for Leagues of Gothic Horror! Weighing at 55-pages, the scenario will be available in print and PDF formats.

An Angry Ghost Will Be Denied Credit No Longer

A lost tale from the Bard resurfaces, but it produces not only a play but also a vengeful ghost! The clock is ticking as the intrepid globetrotters try to discover why this apparition haunts and kills those involved. If they don't solve the mystery quickly, then the globetrotters may count themselves amongst the victims!

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