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January has finally ended! So it's on to February and a step toward spring. There's certainly a spring in our step as we continue to work on new products across our card, boardgame, and roleplaying lines.

The Viking Dice II Kickstarter has ended with over 500 backers! Don't worry if you missed it, or if you just want individual dice, as we'll be opening the Backerkit store soon. Quantities are limited, though, so don't wait too long before grabbing those bones.
Our TAG@Ten bundles for Savage Worlds and Ubiquity are still available at DriveThruRPG as we continue to celebrate our 10th year. Well over $100 worth of material for just $30.
We've been back to our workshops and commenced a new phase of rocket building. More details on this exciting venture coming soon!
We have an artist working hard on the covers for Guides to Faeries and Hags. We'll be showing them off very soon as we start the Kickstarter marketing.


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