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Summer is well and truly here and much of the UK is basking in glorious sun! We're a little late with this month's TAG Talk due to vacations, but it's here now! Next week's newsletter will contain a few pages from the Leagues of Cthulhu Companion, a 170-page book coming to Kickstarter soon (along with some other Leagues of Cthulhu goodies)!

Last Chance to Preorder Hellfrost City Book 6

The maps are completed, the text is edited, the cover is done, and the files will soon be winging there way to RPGnow so we can get a proof copy printed in preparation to fulfill the preorders. At present, we're looking to release the book in the first week of August. Here's a copy of the final Halfway map spread from the book you can see what's in store!

Halfway Preview 1  Halfway Preview 2-2

Until the end of July you can still preorder the physical book at the price of $12.99 and claim your complimentary PDF. After that, the price goes up and the PDF is a separate item.

The following chart is a visual reference showing our project queue and products' current status. We hope you'll find this a useful tool, especially if you are a Kickstarter backer, so you can see where we are in the process for any particular project.

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