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Dramatis Personae Web Update

Have you purchased your copy of Dramatis Personae? No? Well, you should! Not only do you get 130-pages of pre-generated characters, you'll also get a free web update.

Yep, it's free for everyone who pre-orders the product from us or you can pay an additional $2 when it goes on general release.

The update has three pre-generated characters, five pages of extra henchmen, a page concerning Gypsy characters, three pages of Professor Pennyworth's gadgets, weapons, and vehicles, and more historical facts.


UPDATE: This project will run until the end of April 30th, 2021.

The project is available as either a PDF (£8.99; approx. $11.99) or a softback with a complimentary PDF (£14.99; approx. $20.99). When it goes on public sale, there will be no complimentary PDF copy.

Ironclads Logo 3 FINAL

IMG 2174

The American cruiser initiates a boarding action!

The various lockdowns have made playtesting our miniatures game very difficult, but we are making some progress at the new TAG HQ! More news on that soon.

Ironclads is primarily a ship-to-ship combat game but also we've been adding cool new options, including Aether Marine attacks! Being boarded by these tough soldiers is a frightening experience and dealing with boarding actions will be part of the game.

Marines get to board when the player has moved their ship to within C (Close) range and used an Engage command to board an enemy ship. You roll a number of D6s equal to your Marine rating and any 4, 5 and 6s mean a successful attack, with 6s doing double damage on the defending ship's crew!

Ironclads is really shaping up and as we work towards completing the ruleset we'll be giving more details about the game. If you want to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live you can sign up here:


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