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Too Many Bones (currently at BGG 41st best game slot) by Chip Theory Games is back and bigger than ever with another standalone box featuring more content than before. This will be the final part of the trilogy, so expect some fireworks!

It will have a lot of extras, including language editions for the first time, and tons of new content for the game. Unbreakable comes with at least 2 new Gearlocks, new encounters and baddies pack, and a whole new narrative. Not only that, everything can be mixed and matched to create new scenarios, and the Rage of Tyranny pack remixes tyrants to offer new challenges to experienced players.

So, if you are a Too Many Bones fan – make sure to look closely at what is offered! If you haven’t played the game yet this is the best option to join in and be a part of an amazing adventure. Either way, make sure to see the project page and follow it.





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